Thursday, January 07, 2010

Big lights will inspire you.

I love it so much I can't even complain.

Survived week 1. It's waaaay harder than it looks. But like I said, you can't complain when you love what you're doing. Saw A Samad Said on the first day. My theme song for 2010 was playing on the third day. 9 hours of standing everyday put a new twist to "5% pleasure 50% pain". Yesterday I met a woman, a 30-something Malay woman who spent close to 20 minutes gushing about Robert Pattinson. She even has a set of Edward-printed pillowcases. Her friend next to her was practically rolling her eyes the entire time. I also met a teenage girl who spent almost RM 200 for Manga comics. Before this I never knew Manga comics could be so expensive. Then there was also a guy who wanted a book that I later found out (upon calling the headquarters at Times Square) was banned from entering Malaysia. The Game by Neil Strauss. The guy had a hard time believing it since he saw a copy of that book in Dubai. "Isn't Dubai a Muslim country as well?" he asked me. And today I assisted a woman who requested for Dr Seuss's books. She's a primary school teacher and she wants her students to read all books by Seuss.

There's a Kate Spade boutique in The Gardens. The only store in Malaysia. How awesome is that? The bags are deliciously yummy. Hari-hari pun lalu depan kedai tu. A perfect motivation to build up a pile of cash and splurge them. Heh...

Tired, yes. To a point I dah tak sempat tengok all my favourite shows on TV. Except for Wipeout because it's so much fun laughing at other people. LOL!

And the best part : I get to demand anything from mom. From carbonara pasta to chocolate mud cake to tom yam. All is waiting at the table when I get home. And I no longer have to do the dishes. Like, literally makan and letak pinggan kat sink je. Yeay to that!

Now I know what it's like to be my dad. No wonder he's not straying and looking for other women.

Haha. Joking.

My song of the week (wajib la ada lagu for this blog kan?) : Empire State of Mind by Jay Z & Alicia Keys.

New York has always been my favourite city.

I want to go there someday.