Monday, August 31, 2009

The crippling effect of gorgeous shoes

In the shopaholic movie Rebecca Bloomwood said : Security can mean different things to different people. Some it's going to the party with the right shoes. This might leave you feeling secure for an evening but have a crippling effect on you in later life.

Girls in general go crazy over shoes. I like shoes but I'm not exactly wild about them. I've friends who feel like they have to buy a pair of shoes each and everytime they're out shopping. They say it's a compulsion. Me, I'll only go crazy if the shoes happen to be red in colour. Or if it's by Jimmy Choo, which I know I still am not able to afford. My cousin and I made a pact to spend our first paycheck together on a pair of uberly gorgeous Choos. Can't wait for that day to come! ;D

Anyway, the reason I'm talking about footwear is because on Saturday I accompanied my baby sis for shoe-shopping. Untuk raya, obviously. I did not intend on getting myself anything that day, especially a new pair of shoes since I already bought mine months ago. How I was proven wrong. It happened just like the time I first met my red Mary Janes. Went into Charles & Keith, browsed all around (kononnye for my sis) when a shoe display caught my eye. It was love at first sight. And it was 50% off the normal price. My heart says YES! but my reason says NO!. So with a heavy heart I set the shoe back down. Since my sister didn't find any shoes to her liking, we walked out of the shop. But the next hour my mind was doing it's own "Debat Piala Diraja" in my head.

...It's 50% off.
...But you've already bought your raya shoes.
...It's ankle boots! The one you've always wanted to have in your mere collection of shoes.
...Yes but it's not like I need them now.
...It's 50% off!!
...But mom would be mad.
...Not if you beg nicely.

(I can't exactly blame the devil. Bulan puasa mana ade syaitan menghasut.)

Next thing I know I was calling my mom. By 4 pm my mom, sis and I made our way back to the shop. And when I did try the shoes on (they fit perfectly!), I knew these babies were made for me. (Ceh, pardon me for my melodramaticness). So at the end of the day both my sister and I went home with each our own pair of new shoes and big smiles.

Yesterday the whole family went out to OU. Apparently my bro needs new shirts (for raya jugak) and my mom thought we might as well dine out to break our fast later in the evening. Yeay, I thought. A reason for me to flaunt my new shoes. By 12.30 pm we were on our way to Damansara. New shoes can give you blisters but mine didn't. I was so in love with the boots that every step felt like I was walking on clouds.

Unfortunately I didn't feel like walking on clouds anymore after 2 hours of walking. The thing is, the boots have quite a heel. And they did say never to walk in heels for more than 2 hours or your feet will start cramping and feeling sore. By 3 pm I was walking even slower than my dad. And my dad walks really slow, as if he's strolling in a park. Who can blame him. He's not the one shopping. It's his 3 kids and wife who are more proactive in that part. So yesterday I was literally walking side by side with my dad. And at every shop that my bro, sis and mom entered, I opted to sit on the benches outside the shops. My feet felt like they were killing me!! Finally I told my mom I wanted to go to MPH. And no, not because I wanted to buy a book. It's the only place where you get to sit for hours and hours reading books or magazines you don't even want to buy without having the store clerks follow you around or give you the dirty look. By 5.30 pm we made our way back to Subang. We were supposed to break fast at TGIF Subang Parade. The moment I got myself into the car, I relieve my feet of the boots. What I need now is a baldi of air panas to rendam my sore feet, I thought. Upon arriving at Subang Parade (which involved more walking), I switched to my pair of flats that I always kept hidden under the car seat for emergency. This was definitely emergency.

When we finally got home and as I tucked my boots safely in the box, I found myself thinking the next time I'm wearing this shoes, it'll be for occasions that involve walking for less than 90 mins. Sure they give me pain that only girls who are crazy for heels can imagine but I still think the boots were worth every $. Beauty experts did say "Beauty is pain". The only weird thing was how I kept myself motivated throughout the last hour of painful walk in OU shopping complex before reaching the parking lot. I said : You conquered Gunung Ledang before. Surely you can walk in these boots.

So maybe it's true. Pretty shoes do give girls a sense of security, make us feel like we can do anything we want and walk around feeling absolutely and gorgeously blissful. For the first 2 hours or so. Then when we're old we'd be making all orthopedics rich with our weekly crippled leg checkup. Pfft!

At least for now, I can finally cross off "Buying a pair of boots" in my To-Do List.

Jessica Simpson has a song entitled "These Boots Are Made For Walking". It's perfect for this entry. LMAO!

The ankle boots

The red Mary Jane that I fell in love at first sight with

This belongs to my roommate, Cia. Never liked wedges that much. But it was in RED!! My heart was practically melting.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


*Some were from my phone and some were from Diba's + Hannah's cam. Gracias babes.*


The AAR...


Pixie Lott...

Boys Like Girls...

Peeps all around...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

15th August 09 @ MTV World Stage (Part 3)

Izzaidah & Izzuddin were at the MTV World Stage concert!!!.Woohoo! It was ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY awesome. And when The AAR performed The Wind Blows, I felt like I could die now and not regret a single thing in my life. (LOL)

Okay, as you can now tell, my mom finally said YES on Thursday after much begging, groveling and threatening (Igt x mama pernah beli a whole set of Pinggan Vantage and abah didn't know sbb mama suruh along rahsiakn?). *I got a pinch for that*. And after much discussion and a promise to do the ironing and dish-washing for a month (diplomacy runs in the family), she said yes.

So I was anticipating for Saturday to come a bit more quickly (couldn't sleep at all on Friday night. Tyson was keeping me up. *wink-wink*) Then came Saturday, 15th August 2009. My bro and I left the house at 1.30 pm. Had lunch at Pyramid first and we then set our way to Sunway Lagoon. Lined up for admittance under the torturously scorching sun and by 3.45 we were inside Sunway Lagoon. Made our way to the beach (which they drained out specifically for the event) and saw hundreds of people milling around in front of the stage. We snaked our way between the crowd and settled ourselves at the 3rd row, standing. Yes peeps, it's an open-standing concert. No seats. And the show was to commence at 6 pm. For every 10 minutes passed, I literally felt like an hour already ticked by. *Sighs*. Then it started to rain around 5pm. And Miss Smarty here left the umbrella home even though she purposely put it on her dressing table the night before as a reminder to bring along the umbrella. After 15 minutes the rain finally stopped.

Around 5.30 pm, finally did the event start. Basil and Hunny Madu went up on stage and rallied the crowd (am losing voice now after much of cheering and hooting). They introduced a singer up on the stage. Supposedly he can sing in 10 (or was it 11?) different languages and won 2 awards (worst dressed, I presume with what he was wearing on stage). And when Basil called for Equang? Ikhwan? Ekhman? the crowd was like...Uuh...who?? Sebab seriously, I pun x kenal the guy. And he was lip-synching. On the stage. Are u frigging kidding me??! And the way he danced, oh dear...I'm not gonna even go there. Then at 6 pm the official, first ever MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia concert started. All MTV VJs went upstage. Utt (OMG he is even more good looking in real life) Denise, Taya, Sean (from MTV Korea) and Andy (from MTV Taiwan). Again, they rallied the crowd (Are you guys ready to rock? What's the best tv channel? Who's here for Kasabian? Who's here for Hoobastank?) I know I'm there for Tyson and Boys Like Girls. The show officially kicked off with Estranged performing on stage. Now I've heard of Estranged before. Bits and parts of them anyway. But I never knew any of their songs. However I think they did Malaysia proud. One was dressed up like a Japanese samurai, one had a made up tattoo on his face and I noticed all of them were wearing red contact lenses. How scary is that. They performed 4 songs.

Okay, I mentioned open standing didn't I? Which means you are bound to be pushed left and right, front and back. And add lack of oxygen to the list. And billowy of cigarette smokes. I can't complain though. This isn't exactly the philharmonic orchestra at the Petronas Twin Tower. But I've to really thank my brother. He was totally my saviour for the whole night. He kept people from pushing up against me, asked CONSTANTLY if I was OK and even made sure I get a clear view of the stage (since, I was vertically challenged). I kept forgetting that he's my little brother. Felt like I was the one who should be looking after him but instead the opposite thing happened. Thanks bro!

Next the stage was raided Boys Like Girls. *Shrieks in delight* I couldn't help but grin when they started of with Love Drunk. I know the song by heart but I wasn't expecting them to perform it here since the album is due in September. And although I promised my cousin I won't be jumping around or singing, I succumbed to my weaker side. I found myself singing along with the crowd. And it felt....menarik..(maybe because no one could hear my voice anyway). Then they performed Hero/Heroin. Followed by another fav of mine, Thunder. And finally, the one that the crowd have been waiting for, The Great Escape. It was awesome. Martin had soo much energy on stage, from one stage end to the other and he even climbed on one of the high pillars. We were totally singing our hearts out. They said they've never been to Malaysia before but they're liking it here. And Martin said to be sure to catch them on September (Say what?? Are you guys coming here again?? Should I start saving some $$$ now?)

Again more crowd rallying. Then next was Raygun. I've a confession to make. I totally didn't know they'd be performing; hence I didn't check up on them on the internet. Yes, I came for The All American Rejects, but somehow I felt obligated to do "research" about Kasabian, Pixie Lott and Hoobastank's new album. I did not check up on Raygun. I don't even know who they are and what their music might sound like. But when Raygun went onstage and performed Just Because, I was hooked. It was a good song. A bit of pop-rock. They're more or less like Yellowcard and Melee. And I have to add this : Oh my effin God, the lead singer (his name is Ray Gun) is teramat la...cute...I swear he reminds me of someone..I just don't know who yet... Anyway, I had a great time watching them on stage. The bassist had a red guitar with him which I happen to think is oh-so-shiney ( I love everything red). Now I've made myself a promise to start listening to Raygun after this.

Pixie Lott came up next. Next to AAR and Boys Like Girls, Pixie Lott was the other artist that I was looking forward to watching. She's very pretty, like Duffy the Welsh singer pretty, and she sometimes even sound like her too...She did 3 songs. One I've now forgotten the title while the other two was Boys And Girls and her current hit Mama Do. The only turnoff was her choice of attire. Why, for heaven's sake are you wearing a dressy outfit? And you weren't even singing a ballad. Even the guy next to me said to his friend "Why is she wearing that?". Apart from her outfit, Pixie Lott did a commendable enough job on stage.

Right after that the crowd was given a break. Some visited the loo while most made their way to the food stalls nearby. My bro and I went to get ourselves a couple of drinks. A bottle of mineral water and a can of 100 Plus. Both for RM 10. Whaddafish?? But I was so tired and drained out that I didn't even have the energy to argue. We milled around and my brother told me there's no way for us to get back to the front. So we settled somewhere in the middle. Clear view of the 2 big screens but I had to literally stand on tiptoe to see the stage. I was worried though. Because how am I going to see Tyson if I can't even see the stage?? After much snaking our way through the crowd, we found a place where I could see the center stage. I remembered one time during the concert, I was standing next to a Chinese girl and she said "How are you going to see the stage? You're so small." I wished I was horizontally small, instead of vertically small. Pfft! Anyway, I just laughed at her question. Then she pulled me closer to her. Told me to come to her side a bit, since the view of the stage was clearer. She was really nice. And her brother (couldn't tell if he was younger or older, was also very cute ;p ) Anyway, the event resumed after 20 minutes of break. Yet again VJs came on stage to introduce the next act.

(Warning : Amal and Ain, you guys are prohibited to say the word Hubba Bubba like you did when we were in Form 5)

Hoobastank was next. Woohoo! Okay, there's another thing I have to confess here. I was a huge fan of Hoobastank, once a few years back. Before "The Reason" became a somewhat ridiculous pop phenomenon. I love them soo much that I skipped school one day just to watch their concert show in Thailand on Channel V. The show started around 6 something am and it was a 2 hour TV show. And although I told my mom I was "not feeling well", I was more than healthy to sit myself in front of the tube and watch Doug Robb. Then came their most famous hit, The Reason in 2004. I loved them even more. Even bought the CD the first month it came out. But somehow all teenie-boppers back then were suddenly into Hoobastank. Fine, I admit I was jealous. Because suddenly all around me people were going "OMG Doug is soo handsome". I asked a few of my friends (who claimed they love Hoobastank), "Did you like their their songs? Didn't you think "Out Of Control" and "Just One" were simply good?" And they gave me blank stares. One even told me "Oh xla, I like The Reason je". Wha-aat? And I remembered complaining to Ain (since she's the only one who would listen) "How could you say you love a band but not listen to the whole album??". Don't think I'm being melodramatic. Because I read a Hoobastank interview once where the reporter asked Dan (the bassist) how are they settling themselves in their new found fame and what did they love most about the tour. Dan said he found it rather disappointing that their "fans" only know them for "The Reason". On shows when they're performing other songs, the "fans" couldn't even get the words to their other songs right. Ha! See, even Dan thinks the same thing as I do. When they launched their 3rd album : Every Man For Himself, they didn't gain much popularity like the prior album did. And somehow, along the way, I found myself listening less to Hoobastank because when I say Hoobastank, people around me would say "The Reason". And my love for Doug Robb was short lived. Taaaapi., bila saya nampak dia on stage balik malam tadi...Oh dear..I remembered why I love him in the first place. He always gave it all on stage, he has one of the nicest voice and his famous grins...Those grins could tug a smile out of you anytime. I remember how I used to fall head over heels for his child-like grins and adorable smiles.

First they performed 2 awesome songs from their new album For(n)Ever, My Turn and The Letter. Then it was followed by Crawling In The Dark, from their first album. I was seriously having a good time. Then Doug made the crowd guessed the next song he's about to perform. I didn't recognized the song at first. I know it didn't sound anything like the ones I heard from their new album. Turned out it was"Ghostbusters". If there's something strange...In your neighbourhood...Who ya gonna call...Ghostbusters!! We were laughing soo hard. Upon finishing he smiled his adorable smile and laughed. "You guys are ridiculous", he said. Hey, you're the one who's making us sing it.. Told you he had a child-like manner about him that's almost to cool for a rock star. He made a joke about how this is his first time seeing this much people in one pool (I mentioned that the pool was drained earlier). LOL. And finally they performed The Reason. No more pent-up anger like the ones I had 4 years ago, I had to smile at the intro of the song. And the whole pool of people sang along with Doug. Before he left he said this was his 3rd time in Malaysia (I didn't get to see their 2nd concert in Malaysia since my dad said I was a child) and he loves it soo much he's gonna come back for more..More cheers from the crowd!

(Warning : Contents of the next paragraph will include extreme swooning and gushing. You should know why..)

5 acts down, 2 to go.. we were given another break at 9.15 pm. Had to wait for almost half an hour for the next act to be on stage..Finally at 9.45 pm Chris bounded up the stage..He's bald. LOL! then I saw Mike. His hair now is way over his shoulder. Then Nick. OMG adorable nye!! He had on the same suit he wore in Letterman's show, with the same guitar. And last but not least, the one that made my heart skipped a beat, Tyson. Oh.Emm.Gee...TYSON. Like, in the flesh..Even as I'm typing now I'm grinning like a lovesick idiot at the thought of finally getting to see him live in the flesh. Let's see..he wore a yellow sleeveless shirt and jeans. His hair is still the same, thick eyeliner and glitter. On his hair..and his arms..I knew he had tattoos but not that much on his arm. All were screaming and cheering soo hard, it was defeaning. They kicked things off with Dirty Little Secret. As you can guess, the crowd and I were singing to every single word. Some were jumping up and down, some were bopping heads, some were tapping feet..All for The AAR. Then they performed I Wanna (like I said in my previous entry, I too, wanna touch you Tyson, but that's beside the point. LMAO). Upon finishing the song, he finally greeted the crowd. Woohoo!! More cheering and screaming. And although most of the other lead singers of previous acts were like, asking the crowd to say stuff or make some noise for them, Tyson's requests were the only ones the whole crowd obediently followed (even yours truly, I couldn't resist) ;p

Then they continued the show with Swing Swing (another fav of mine). I was hoping and praying before this : Please, please let them perform The Wind Blows. It's the sole reason why I'm even at this place. And after they were done, Tyson put down his guitar and with such sheer luck I coudn't even believe, Chris began the intro for The Wind Blows. OMG! Oh.My.GOD! Seriously Oh My God.!! I took out my phone instantly to record it. I knew I had to record it if they did perform my most fav song in the entire world. Nick even brought the same guitar he played at Letterman's Show. I tapped the tall Chinese guy next to me and asked if he could record it for me, since I was...*ahem* pendek. And another nice thing happened to me. His girlfriend asked me whether I could see the stage. She even asked me to scoot in front. (Why is everyone offering me their place?? LOL). Such a nice couple, they are. And it was the only song I sang wholeheartedly. And grinning like a dope all the way. Thank you Tyson, and Mike, and Nick (for the awesome play of the guitar) and Chris. Still in shock over the fact that Tyson performed my song for me. ;D

I wasn't aware of what happened next. Then I heard the chorus of "Real World". they're performing Real World And when we thought we were finally going to listen to Gives You Hell (the crowd was anticipating for that one, I can tell), the band performed It Ends Tonight. And I was like, "Wow, other acts performed up to only 4 songs and here The AAR is doing 6." (Cause I know they'll be doing Gives You Hell. It's like the compulsory thing to do). But who's complaining. The more time I get watching Tyson, the happier I am. Finally they performed Gives You Hell. And the crowd was so energetic, full of hype that you could almost feel it in the atmosphere. I can bet every single one of us were singing along, word to word to that song. And when it came to the chanting part (bridge after 3 choruses) you could almost feel the ground shaking. Finally it was time for them to exit the stage with grace. We clapped the hardest for them. It's sad that they're leaving the stage. But Tyson promised to be back. He loves "Kuala Lumpur" even though it's his first time here. Do, do come again for a tour AAR, cause I know I wouldn't miss it for the world.

*Nak pergi Jakarta!! They'll be performing there on the 17th, which is like, tomorrow!!*

Finally it was the main act. Kasabian. But truth be told, I couldn't remember much after Tyson left the stage. LOL!

Before going home I had to search through hundreds of people to look for my bro. He left me alone to join his friends during the AAR act, since I felt sorry for him that he had to babysit me throughout most part of the concert. When he came back to me his shirt was soaking wet. Like, extremely wet. "What happened to you??" He grinned and said "Biase la laki...x lompat x sah la" Huh..*eyes rolling*

On the way home we had to drop off our cousin, Adiba. Apparently her parents didn't know she went to the MTV concert and she can't exactly call her dad to pick her up. She called her sis and told her to wait downsatirs to open the door. Afraid of getting busted dear? Heheh..

It was after the whole thing ended did I realize my whole body is aching. Especially my feet. And I was wearing flats, not heels. If my feet could cry, they'd be sobbing right now. On nights like these do I finally appreciate the comfort of my heater shower and my air conditioner.

*Mom just told me she's going to KLCC tomorrow for some Raya shopping. Aiyoo mama...of all days...*

Random facts about the concert :

  • The mosh-pit zone, which happens to be directly in front of the main stage, and directly under Tyson's nose, according to Diba, wasn't that packed compared to the red zone (one that we were in). The thing is, you can't buy the mosh-pit tix. You have to win them. God how I wish I had the mosh-pit seating.
  • I saw tons of my junior from high school. It was like a reunion for the whole Subang peeps.
  • For those who've watched Kami the TV series or movie, you would know of the main character, Ali. I don't know his real name though. Not much of a fan, but my rommie Cia is. He stood next to me for about 10 minutes during the Hoobastank act.
  • Utt mispronounced Petaling Jaya. It ended up sounding distorted. That generated a huge laughter from the crowd.
  • A DJ was responsible in keeping us entertained during the breaks. One time, he did a mesh-up of two songs that was soo good, I would've bought the track if it was on sale. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana (read my Top 5 songs on the right) and Numb by Linkin Park. I loved it.

And now I'm off to sleep. That is if I can get myself to quit "daydreaming" about Tyson. Heh.

p/s : Pics are with my cousin's camera. Will take it from her a.s.a.p and will be uploaded pronto.
The 2-hour world premiere telecast will debut on MTV, Friday, August 28 at 8pm.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bad things 'WITH' you or bad things 'TO' you??

For those of you who love True Blood (like mõi), you would know of the opening credit song to the show. For those who don't, it's a song called Bad Things by Jace Everett. It's a bit country-ish meets rock and roll. Because I was soo hooked on to the song, 2 of my dearest roommates had to put up with me playing that song over and over and OVER again on my laptop. Now there's a line that goes "...before the night is through...I wanna do bad things with you..." So one day Teha (my roommie of course) said "Nasib baik 'WITH you'..kalau I wanna do bad things TO you, nampak sangat kne pakse x rela". I was silent-stilled for a moment, then burst out laughing. Hard. Trust her to come up with things like that.

There was also a time where a Britney song was playing on my laptop. It goes somewhat like this...

I forgot my name.....I forgot my telephone number
If he wanna see me, he don't even know it
I forgot my address.....damsel in distress
I forgot my boyfriend was the one that had bought me this rock
[Amnesia-Britney Spears]

Teha : Semua pun dia lupa, ape je dia ingat?

Me : LOL Teha.

Friday, August 07, 2009

G.I Joe and Double Choc Sundae

Again, I would like to point out firsthand that sometimes I may not be objectively observant when it comes to movies. So while I won't be commenting on CGI-effects and how the movie is full of explosions and heart-thumping scenes from the get-go (I'm sure my friend, Ain will step up to the plate), I will do comment on some random facts about the movie.

Firstly, the movie is like a reunion for both "Stop-Loss" and "The Mummy" casts. Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt who both played Duke and Rex/evil scientist Doc respectively were once in a movie called "Stop-Loss". About American soldiers serving in the Iraq war. Even in G.I Joe they played as soldiers. Then there's also Brendan Fraser (OMG! OMG! OMG! I didn't know he'd be in this movie!!) and Arnold Vosloo from the Mummy movie franchise. Though I am disappointed that he was only on screen for less than 5 minutes. Brendan Fraser is one of my fav actors of all time. I watched him in Bedazzled, The Mummy movies, Journey To The Centre of The Earth and even Inkheart (I love Inkheart).

Secondly, for every action-packed-male-dominated movie there has to be at least one female character whose sole purpose is to attract the opposite gender's attention by wearing skimpy uniforms and looking good while chasing after the bad guys. Well, there's 2 in this movie. And I've to say, next to Megan Fox in Transformers, the Baroness kicked ass big time. Although I would've prefered if her character stayed bad instead of becoming good at the almost end part of the movie. Movie-wise, like I mentioned earlier in my previous entry, I'm not one who's big on action movies. Maybe because there's too much going on with the explosions, and car crashings and gun/missile shootings. Haha. But for what it's worth, I like watching the fighting scenes between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes.

What was the sundae for you asked? Well, accompanying me yesterday to watch the movie was one of my oldest and closest friend. Anyway, she wanted to watch "Love Aaj Kal". Yes, a Hindi movie. I refused. She begged. I said no. She said I was being prejudice. I had to beg her not to do this to me (watching the movie, I mean) but she said I'm being mean because she's flying off to Ireland next week and here I am not granting her one request. (Keji la Yaz guna cara tu... =p ) So extreme measures had to be taken. In the form of bribing her with a double choc sundae.

For the sake of 2 hours with Channing Tatum in a dark was worth every penny. LOL!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Most of all it's built to last...

Cause you are the sun in my universe,
Consider the best when we felt the worst
And most of all, most of all it's built to last.

[Built To Last - Melee]

(I looooove the way Chris Cron plays the piano. That's saying a lot since guys+pianos never do get my undivided attention)

Three reasons why I love Melee.

1. They're from Orange County, California. The O.C anybody?? (I know it doesn't make any sense, but my besties should know that it does ;p ) Ok ok...that does not count as a concrete reason why I love the band. How about this : They created one of the greatest songs ever made (i.m.h.o). Built To Last is seriously good. And sweet, in a non-romantic-mushy way. I even envisioned it being played on my wedding day. (no Celine Dion please!)

2. They make the absolute great songs. Fun, highly addictive, the kind of music you can listen to while driving around in your car. And the way Chris blends his piano playing skills + vocals with the rest of the band results in good tracks that you can listen to countless of times without getting bored. They're like melodic pop meets modern rock.

3. So far, they are the only 4-piece band that looks drop-dead-gorgeous. Seriously, all four of them are really good looking in a clean-cut way. (Trying hard not to be biased, haha)

I've to thank my kid-bro for this one...One time, doing what I do best when there's a remote in my hand, I channel surfed. It annoys my mom like hell. The more reason to do it frequently. ;D Stopped at Hitz.Tv when I saw a band playing at that time what I thought was a decent song (it was almost to the end and I couldn't catch the name of the band). So I had to walk around for weeks humming the only tiny part of the song I could remember by a band I don't even know. Back then, my bro relied on me to get his weekly fix of new songs since he doesn't have a laptop. One day he told me to get him a song.

Him : Built To Last. Melee tau..
Me : Haa...siape?
Him : M.E.L.E.E. Melee. Lagu dorg slalu main kat Hitz.TV.
Me : *eyes-rolling* Fine. Nanti along carikan.

And cari I did. Music-wise, my bro share only one thing in common with me. Our love for Switchfoot. And occasionally 30 Seconds To Mars. Other than that he's into Jo Bros (YUCK!!! I detest Joe Jonas), Ne-yo, Hey Monday and some "shuffle-style (it's a dance move)" songs I don't even know about. So I was curious as to what this "Melee" might sound like that I decided to play the song on my laptop. Took me less than a minute to decide that the intro was one hell of a good intro. And when the drums and bass came, I knew I was hooked. It was when they reached the chorus did I realize that it's THE song. One that I've been humming for weeks. And by the time the song ended, I hit the PLAY button for a second round.

The next natural (and obvious) thing I did was Googled + Youtube-ed them. Found out they're huge in Japan. And they have more than one great hit. I went to several music stores in Subang but none have the album I was looking forward to actually buying. So as a last resort, I asked Sarah, a friend of mine in UK to buy the album (since it was available there) and pass it to me the next time she returns for her holidays in Msia. I'm still waiting for that cd

So, while we patiently wait for the cd, take time to hear these songs that I think are worthy of listening to.

  1. Built To Last (My now top 5 favourite songs of all time)
  2. Stand Up
  3. Frequently Baby
  4. The War
  5. Can't Hold On
*They were in S'pore last year. Too bad they didn't make it to Malaysia*

Courtesy of Yahoo!Video. Just watch how "bersungguhnye" Chris is playing the piano.

(Uploading the video, like any other video might take a while. Patience is a virtue!)

@ Yahoo! Video

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We'll write a song that turns out the light

I like this song. After all, it did make its way to my so-called fav playlist (LOL). An overall catchy punk-rock song. Am liking the mesh of banging drums and guitars. Bopping teens would like it, I'm sure. Anyway, after playing the song (again and again) on my iPod, I find myself reading the lyrics. By 'reading' I mean interpreting. It's a habit I have because I think there's a story in every song.

It could be a good one. Exhibit A : Love Story by Taylor Swift. After all the "Daddy said stay away from juliet", finally did the hunky guy in the vid said "Go pick out a white dress. And make sure it's by Vera Wang".
(At least my hunky guy should add that last part)

Or it could a really be confusing one. Exhibit B : Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine. I have no idea what the heck the guy is singing about (Cops closed the fair, someone cutting his baby hair and watching rat poison between fence cracks?) -_-"
But it's a really good song anyway. Seriously.

So, when I finally did really "listen" to the song (as in take word for word) I find myself pressing the "PAUSE" button. Is it me or is this song actually about two drunken kids on their prom night doing it? And by "it" you should know what I mean. I know you would, Amal (LMAO!). It's like reading between the lines. Or maybe I'm over-interpreting. If there's such a thing. And maybe they weren't on their prom night, but they're still drunk anyways (the wine says it all ;p ).

[Secret Valentine - We The Kings]

Soft kiss and wine
What a pretty friend of mine
We're finally intertwined
Nervous and shy
For the moment we will come alive tonight

Secret valentine

We'll write a song
That turns out the lights
When both boy and girl
Start suddenly shaking inside
Don't waste your time
Speed up your breathing
Just close your eyes
We'll hope it's not for nothing at all

Lay down be still
Don't worry talk they will
I'll be loving you until
Morning's first light breaks tomorrow
I'll take care of you tonight

Secret valentine


When guilt fills your head
Brush off rise up from the dead
This is the moment that we will come alive
Brace yourself for love sweet love, secret love

We'll write a song
That turns out the lights
When both boy and girl
Start suddenly shaking inside
Don't waste your time
Speed up your breathing
Just close your eyes
We'll hope it's not for nothing at all

Wonder what it is that was "not for nothing at all" (lol)...anyway, I just hope I did not publicly humiliate myself to the world wide web by posting the entry above if it turns out the song has no meaning whatsoever like I claim it did. =P

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Winchesters, The Colt and The Impala

*nothing music-related here...just gushing about 2 drop-dead-gorgeous guys ;p *

Have always been a gigantic fan of SUPERNATURAL. Because the producers took two of my-once-huge-crushes during high school and put them both in one show where ghosthunting never looked this good. If you were a TV-show-junkie just like me during those days when Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer ruled the scene, you would remember that Dean Winchester was Alec from Dark Angel and Sam Winchester was Dean from Gilmore Girls. So tonight marks the first eppy of the 3rd season of Supernatural. Last time we saw the Winchester bros, Dean sold his soul to the devil in exchange for Sam's life and somewhere along the way they 'accidentally' opened hell's gate. So now the world is roaming with all sorts of sinister souls. In tonight's episode they encountered 7 freed demon who supposedly represented the 7 deadly sins. This is such a coincidence because just last Thursday I watched a Morgan Freeman + Brad Pitt movie, se7en, also about the 7 evil vices.

So folks... start securing your perimeter with salt and don't forget to load your gun with silver bullets. Because maybe there's an escaped demon roaming outside your house right now *cue for lightning and thunder bolt effect* (LMAO)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Drive My Car - The Hot Rats

Baby you can drive my car
Yes I'm gonna be a star
Baby you can drive my car
And baby I love you
Beep beep'm beep beep yeah ........*the addictive part ;)*..........


The BOSS Orange commercial has been playing on the tv for quite a number of times the past few weeks. And each time it's on TV I find myself stopping from whatever it is I was doing (usually channel-surfing) and watching it because you see...I'm a fan of anything lemon and orange. Not a fan of peaches or berries, like someone I know. Iced-lemon tea (as in the yellow lemon, not limau kasturi), the lemon-y Citrus Verbena perfume by L'Occitane, the orange-scented dishwasher my mom uses, LEMON MERINGUE pie (please don't think I'm kooky.) So naturally when I first saw the tv commercial, I knew I had to figure out a way how to convince my mom to buy it for me. Heheh.. (But when I checked online, the scent is made of apples and vanilla. Why call Orange then?)

Anyway, the more I watched the tv ad, the more I find myself getting addicted to the background song. Searched online for the song and discovered that it's a cover made by a 2-piece band named The Hot Rats. The original version was made by The Beatles. The only Beatles song I have in my collection is "Please Mr Postman", because I heard in on radio one day and decided it was a really cute song. LOL!

The song was really hard to find online. But here's a clip of the ad and the song I'm referring to. (My friend said Sienna Miller looks pretty in this commercial. I think so too)