Thursday, November 26, 2009

"It would be nice for once not wanting to kill you all the time"

Jasper had 4 lines, and that was the longest. A bit frustrating though, since he's my favourite Cullen.

Arrived @ Pyramid at 9.50 a.m. Pecah rekod, the earliest I've been to Pyramid. Stores weren't even opened yet. It's becoming a tradition I guess, catching The Twilight Saga films on the very first day of premiere in Malaysia. The line at TGV wasn't long, thank God for that. But by the time it came to my turn, only 3 seats were left available for New Moon at 10.45 am show. Say what?? Nasib baik la I was a lone ranger, if my sister tagged along tadi she'll be sitting at one end of the cinema and I the other.

So...New Moon...what did I think of it?

3 words : Eye candy, plentiful. (Read : Packs and abs)

Oh, and before I forget, let me point out that shirtless guys are EVERYWHERE in this film. Feast your eyes ladies. LOL!

And for the first time since TAK PERNAH, werewolves scared the sh!tless out of me. Or maybe the sound system was doing a good job with amplifying the sound effects.

In terms of visual effects, it was awesome. The action scenes were more...polished, I've to say. Better than the first one (which I was really disappointed with given that I had high hopes for the first movie of Twilight Saga). The love plot and all that jazz, it was okay, I guess. The book did a better job of emotionally wounding me to a point of being almost emotionally unstable. I was practically bawling when reading New Moon and Eclipse. Haha.

My favourite team would definitely have to be the Volturi clan. Never have vampires look so evil, sleek and coldly menacing, it's almost irresistible. Even Dakota Fanning and her 20-minutes of Twilight Saga fame did an impressible job as Jane.

Am going Team Caius. Haha.

So overall was the movie good? Biase je...I've seen better ones. But I'll still watch it anyways out of loyalty to Twilight Saga. Now, let's look forward to the release of Eclipse next year shall we.

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