Friday, October 30, 2009

31 Oct with The All American Rejects...

Life is all about choices...

Would you choose your final year project over The All-American Rejects?

I just did. It's killing me even as I'm typing this now. Had Tyson not been injured and performed on last 5th October 2009 and not postpone it to tomorrow, 31 October 2009, I would've been on the concert. But because 16 November is a really important date for me, I couldn't risk the chance of actually having fun at the concert tomorrow night than staying at home straining my brains out trying to figure why is it that my system doesn't seem to work. And I can't really blame Tyson can I? He was hospitalized for crying out loud. That would make me a cruel person to put all the blame on him.

This whole week my brain has been doing it's own version of Piala Debat Diraja where one part longs and yearns to be at Stadium Bukit Jalil tomorrow watching Tyson and the rest of the guys perform while the other part (the one that's really annoying sometimes because it usually tends to be morally correct and I can't, try as I may, ignore it) rebuttals back by saying "You could get a LOT of work done if you stay at home tomorrow night."

But one minute, my mind would go and say :

It's one night only. What difference does it make?

The next minute it would say :

No, bukan one night. 2 days. The whole of Saturday je you dah too excited about the show to be doing anything else. And lepas tu you nak buat sleepover lagi with Diba and Aifa. Sunday baru balik. That's 2 whole days wasted.

Tapi it's The All American Rejects. It's Tyson! And you have the ticket, darn it.

But it's my fyp. You may not understand how important this is but it really is. The faster all this is over, the sooner you get to say auf Wiedersehen to those hellishly annoying programming stuff.

Nanti diorang perform The Wind Blows macam mane??

Dah pesan Izzuddin to record it.

Again, it's The All American Rejects. They're not gonna come back here anytime soon you know..

Well, think of it this least it's not Switchfoot.

God, you're such a loser.

*Admitting resentfully* I know...

*Sighs* Please let there be a silver lining for all this.

--Courtesy of : The DiGi Music LIVE concert has a new date and venue! The All-American Rejects is going to rock the stage on Saturday, 31 October 2009 at Car Park A of Bukit Jalil National Outdoor Stadium at 6pm. The band has kept their promise to return and reverted with a new date within days of the postponement announcement. And they're making a surprise visit to the Pavillion, KL at 11 am on Saturday.--

Random : Switchfoot was there first. LOL! If you go into a store called Extreme Shop (tak ingat which level but I know it's in front of Times bookstore), you can see a frame autographed by the whole member of Switchfoot. I've seen it. According to the store assistant, they actually shopped in that store while they were in Malaysia for their concert. Cool kan? Haha.

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