Saturday, October 10, 2009

Heard that I was trouble but you couldn't resist

Tumblr is my new best friend. Sometimes I think I spend way too much time THERE than HERE. Then again, if Mimi is Miss Carey's alter ego, then I would say mine is tensongsandavolumelouder. Therefore it's only obvious that I'd be spending more time with my Tumblr since the alter ego is just a part time job after all.

So a friend of mine told me some of my blog posts are getting way, way irrelevant with the love I have for music. Another even asked have I not been listening to anything new lately. Since I'm pressed for time (I'll be free only after mid November), I'm going to do a quick and brief review of some of my current favourite songs at the moment.

1. She's A Genius by Jet.

Fell in love with this one at 1st sight. Or rather, sound. What's not to love about it. It's upbeat, the guitar riffs during the intro are amazing and I'm a definite sucker for all songs that pay tribute to us ladies. Plus, Jet has always produced great old-school, garage-rock songs that's hard not to love.

They said, "Hey there girl, tell me what do you do. She said, "Nothing, but I'm damn sure it's more than you."

Definitely my fave part...

2. Waking Up The Satellites by Sounds Under Radio.

A soundtrack for the movie "Wargames : Dead Code". The movie was a yawn but the song was awesome. The only glitch : the song is really hard to find on the Internet. Either it's is a promo song that's not released into an official single yet or they never intended on releasing it at all. That would be a major bust.

3. Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship ft Leighton Meester.

Gabe is such a *swoons* hottie. Miss Meester, stick to being the Waldorf we love to hate in Gossip Girl. Because singing ain't just for anyone.

Okay, objectively speaking I love the song. I think all girls love the song. I mean...come on...surely all of us has a teeny tiny part inside of us that's just waiting to be free and act like a total massive b!t*h. If you're shaking you're head right now, stick to Halo by Beyonce then.

4. Elgar/Something Inside, This Time & Bach/Break by Jonathan Rhys Meyer.

All 3 are from the original soundtrack of "August Rush". Like I said in the previous entry, the movie was amazing and the soundtrack is equally breathtaking. Classical music has always been another passion of mine (Vivaldi being my top favourite followed by Bach). For these songs, the sound of violin and cello compliments the slow-rock ballad really beautifully.

5. She Is Love by Parachute.

A new band to look out for. I had a "taste" of their album the other day in Speedy and I must say the entire album is quite good. I would say they're the less "cynical" version of Maroon 5. Adult pop with a hint of blues and jazz in them.

6. Lost by Coldplay ft Jay-Z

I think Jay-Z made the song sound good. Like he did with Numb and Rehab. I never used to like Coldplay. They drone. Their music puts me to sleep. My smart (*coughs* geek *coughs*) friends (2 docs, a teacher and a mathematician) all love Coldplay since they were in high school. I used to think Coldplay are for intelligent people only. Because I can't seem to "get" their song. When I told this to a friend of mine, all she did was laugh out loud. Told me I was being absurd. Anyway, when Coldplay released Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, I find myself actually liking all the songs in it. First was Viva La Vida itself. Then it was Lovers in Japan. Now Lost. Have I grown up or am I smart now because I've finally "gotten" their songs?? Would that mean I was dumb back then??

7. Never Gonna Be Alone by Nickelback.

Very generic for a title and the song sounds like what Nickelback always sounds like. Predictable. Radio-chart friendly. But I'm hooked on it anyway. Like, you know how eating your toast with butter is really the most unimaginative way of having your breakfast. Surely there's the extravagantly rich chocolate spread or the 10 different flavours of marmalade and jams to have your toast with but bread and butter has a way of giving you that mushy, feel-good, comfort feeling inside. That is how all Nickelback rock-ballads are like.

Okay...I'm rambling...getting way, way irrelevant now.... I'm stopping right this very moment...

There you have it. 7 songs for 7 days of the week. I'll be leaving you with this piece of article that I found while reading a random magazine the other day. (It totally proves my point of smart people listening to smart music (a.k.a Coldplay). I'm not being absurd after all!)

"In a U.S study that compared students' SAT results (a test taken by students to enter college, kind of like SPM) with their favourite music, fans of Beyonce music came out second last. At the last spot are fans of rapper Lil' Wayne. Classical music fans scored higher than anyone else. Also credited with above average intelligence are fans of bands like Radiohead and U2. Fans of Aerosmith and Nickelback however scored rather low."

No wonder both my dad and Yaz's preferred Brits to Americans.

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