Thursday, July 01, 2010

Move along, move along just to make it through...

I love routines. They help keep me stable. Routines also help me into thinking I've everything under control. And when you have OCPD, control is crucial or chances are, you're going to find yourself suffering from a nervous breakdown.

The thing with people who love routines is they always have a hard time moving on when something has come to an end. And they are always, most of the time, terrified of new beginnings, because it means having to face the fact that things are changing.

I suck at moving on, at saying goodbyes... Sometimes, I simply skip the goodbye part altogether. It's rude to some but I don't think they know just how hard it is for me.

I definitely suck at letting go of the past. Especially when the past is too good a memory to just easily let go of.

I would cling on to it for dear life, if I had it my way.

If I can't, then you could most probably find me in my 3rd house, Denial Land.

New beginnings are supposed to be fun, I know. Don't think I don't.

But I'm just plain scared. That's all.

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Farihna said...

Hey, all past was once a new beginning jugak. Chillax ah.
You'll get a new routine soon enough. Hugz