Saturday, June 26, 2010

If I could melt your heart...

Tomorrow's the day...

Last day weh...

I remembered 6 months ago as I was crossing off Day 1 in my calendar I was thinking to myself "Day 1 down, another 5 months and 29 days to go."

Seriously biar betul dah nak end of June?

To say I'm sad and berat hati nak leave that place is an understatement. I've learned tons for the past 6 months. 6 amazing months I must say.

Want to know something totally and randomly scary? Last weekend I was reading the papers and when I got to the horoscope section (okay, I don't exactly believe in them, berdosa I tau) mine says, "An important cycle in your life is coming to and end....". And some other blah blah blah. Coincidentally true perhaps?

Honestly, I feel scared. And tak tau how to face Sunday evening nanti when it's actually my last shift of work.

Farihna was the first to say goodbye earlier today. My body was doing all the motion but my head macam fail nak process the fact that this is it. It was sad for me sebab rasa macam all the good and bad things that happened between the two of us were replaying in my head. Tapi poker face kenala maintain kan...

Nak lari to denial land sekejap boleh tak?

I want something from him. But I don't know what. Whatever it is that I want, agak-agak will he give it to me on my last day of work nanti?

Pfft! what am I rambling about here???

By the way, am currently overdosing myself with Frozen by Madonna. The song has a way of calming me down. Though the vid has a way of giving me nightmares when I was in my tweens back then.

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