Monday, November 22, 2010

I saw the teardrops, and I heard you cry

She probably would have asked God for tomorrow not to go ok. She would probably have asked it because she was broken hearted. Because she was really sad and couldn't take it anymore.

That's why she said those things.

Emotions probably got in her way.

I asked God differently.

Because I still need her. Though I rarely tell her that.

A friend once told me I'm an emotional closet. I can't remember whether that was the correct term but I somehow get what she was saying at that time.

The other thing I detest next to rude people is crying in front of an audience.

Don't want the audience to think I'm weak.

Then again, who does, right?

But the other thing is because you can't have 2 people crying in your pity party.

Kalau dua-dua sedih, one of them has to be a bit more stronger. Yang kuat tu kena keep things in control, keep everything in check. Not let emotion get in the way of things.

Until the person has finally found the time and opportunity to lari sekejap somewhere alone and let the emotions take over.

But selagi tak jumpa the perfect time and place, you have to be the strong one. The one that will say "I'm going to fix this."

This is not some sort of martyr act. It's common sense.

Now nothing scares me more after the haunting image I witnessed earlier.

I'm going to remember that the next time I ever think of trying to break her heart.

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