Monday, January 17, 2011

And the kicker : He's taken.

I didn't sleep the whole night last night. Being a postgraduate student, my classes start at 6pm and usually end at 9pm. So waktu tidur, makan and everything else pun jadi tunggang langgang la sebab I'd get home around 9.30-10 pm, have dinner (when actually one should have dinner at 8 pm), channel surf and bila mood dah sampai baru la I would open up my lecture notes to study until the wee hours of the morning.

So yeah, I would go to bed after Subuh and get up at... well, you can figure that out yourself. Anyway, this morning after Subuh prayer, I still was wide awake. So I decided to channel surf until I get sleepy. The usual routine. Tekan 101, 102, 103 --- 701, 702, 703 (no good cooking show was on) --- and patah balik to 101, 102, 103. Like the show would change from the last 30 seconds I tuned in but hey, it's a force of habit (which my mom finds very much annoying when she joins me in front of the telly).

Kept channel surfing until I reached Channel 106, Astro Oasis. 'Soal Asyraf' was on. I know this show from the commercials I've seen on TV but tak pernah sekali pun tengok cerita ni. A big loss, I now only realized.

Sebab the host, ustaz dia... holy crap memang buat orang coughs*tertarik*coughs. He smiled throughout the entire show, spoke with a distinct hint of loghat utara and when he recited a verse from the Quran, memang cair respect la... Goodbye James Morrison's sexy voice. Hello Assalamualaikum Ustaz.

Wajib la Google kan? Apparently he was the winner of the first Imam Muda. And he's from Penang. (You do know loghat Penang is a weakness to me kan?) And he's super smart. A UM graduate and he won a scholarship to purse his postgraduate studies in Al-Madinah International University as part of the prize of winning the Imam Muda title.

Patutla my roommate Teha suruh parents dia cari calon suami dari siri Imam Muda tu.

Guys like that, I think normal girls like me can only "berangan" je because their knowledge in Islam are far superior than mine. The way they recite the verses of Quran alone would put me to shame.

Both wives of the 1st and 2nd winner of the show my God memang lawa. Good women are for good men and vice versa, no?

Random : I might be following season 2 of Imam Muda. And my mom would think I've completely lost it.

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cekkeya said...

izzy, ur weakness is loghat Penang? really? Macam nih senang la, macha macha yg kerja mamak tuh nak ngurat. ahaks

p/s: rajin update blog? ;)

Her Jaded Playlist said...

Haha...tgh nk tunggu kelas and takde keja..ape lagi..awk tu rajin eh baca..;p

takmau la macha2...hari tu tgk cerita seram kat astro ria pun, vampire lelaki dia org penang. Ape lagi...tersangkut la..hahaha.

Loving Life said...

aaaa.. lambat la izie! merata muka acap tu. dh kawin pun hot stuff aje, asalkn ada slot lg, ngahaha. die ade citer sendiri kat oasis gak kot, 'soal asyraf'. kdg2 i tgk gak.

ur last few paragraphs reminded me of what my friend pnh ckp: 'stop looking for mr right and become the right woman first. then he will find you.' maka, marilah kite sama2 berusaha jadik perempuan yg baik n berilmu. =)