Thursday, January 27, 2011

When the child wants to be an adult.

And when the adult wants to be a child again.




The big sister says to the baby sister, “ Fine, Along akan ajar Ina drive kereta if Ina temankan Along main buaian malam karang.”

Fair trade no?

She better not wreck my car.

From the window of our bedroom we can see the playground. Yeah, it's that close from our bedroom. Boleh je panjat keluar tingkap kalau nak pergi playground tu.

Very tempting for someone who loves the swing.

Too bad we can only have a go at the swing set at night. Bila kanak-kanak lain dah tidur.

I want to be a child again and not have to worry about an adult’s responsibility.

And I can't seem to understand what is my sister's rush of wanting to grow up and be an adult.

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cekkeya said...

ahhaha kelakar. nak main petang-petang, mesti shy shy je. ahha

mestilah adik izzy camtuh. zaman kecik dulu pun, mesti sebuk nak jadi besar, dah besar, sebuk balik nak jadi kecik. kan kan kan?