Sunday, September 13, 2009

If it means having to sell my soul...

Watched Wild Child last night (again!) with my sister. She is obsessed with the movie. I'm more obsessed with all of Poppy Moore's handbags in that movie. While my sister would swoon at the sight of Alex Pettyfer, I would sigh dreamily the moment I saw Poppy's red Gucci Indy handbag.

Like I said in my previous entry, I'm not that crazy about shoes. The only other thing I love more than music are handbags. I can never resist a shiny handbag. They're like my kryptonite, my own personal brand of heroin. As the cheesy Edward Cullen would say. Which is why my mom would follow me everywhere diligently each time there's a sale involving bags. She knew how little self control I have. My friend has a coat-like hanger that she uses to hang all of her handbags. The first time I saw it in her room I was practically drooling over each and every bag. The same evening she took me to a furniture store and yes, I got myself the tree-like hanger as well. My mom is quite annoyed (and appalled) that I'm growing my own "handbag-tree" in my room.

Anyway, after watching the movie, I searched online to find out more about the uber gorgeous maroon handbag. And finally I found it. My heart was practically racing and I almost had trouble breathing. I've died and gone to sheer heaven. (Pardon me and my hyperbole).

Right...where was I? Oh yes, the bag...

Leather-like snakeskin? Check. Deep red colour that's just to good to resist? Double check. Flashy metal plate details? Check. What the heck, the bag had me at "Leather" and "Red".

Since it's by Gucci, the bag retails at around $5800. That's according to the website. This means I would most probably need RM 20,247.69 for this baby to be mine. It also means either I have to marry an old, bald bazillionaire (is there such word?) to obtain such $$_$$ or I have to sell my soul to the devil in exchange for the handbag. Haha, joking. Or am I???

Then I found a few online boutiques that sell replicas (or *ahem* inspired, as they call it) of designer handbags at much, much cheaper $$. One even had a tagline "Looking for a quality handbag but don't want to pay the designer prices?". The more I browsed, the more I my hunger grew for the handbags. My favourites (and by any means I have to get them) include :

They look alike don't they? Almost the exact same design as the deep red one. And these babies would only cost you $249.6 or RM 871.35 each. Hah, all I have to do is dine at my parent's home for a month and splurge half of my first paycheck on those bags.

Buying an authentic LV handbag is included in my list of things to do in life. I just can't bear the thought of buying a fake LV at Petaling Street. It would break my heart so much. I don't know how many months worth of paycheck it's going to cost me but if it means having to wait years before I can finally afford it, then I'll wait. In the mean time, this replica retails at $189 = RM659.80. I have a feeling the original would cost me twice that.

Other handbags I totally fell in love with...

This replica of Marc Jacobs Cecilia bag retails at $285 = RM 994.90.

You can never go wrong with my favourite man, Jimmy Choo. The authentic would take you up to RM 6,615.41 but the replica would cost you as little as RM1,152.02 only.

And the clutches below are simply beautiful aren't they...

*Pictures courtesy of and*

This is the "handbag tree" I was talking about. Ditanam, dibaja dan di-water dengan penuh kasih sayang by my bestie, Yaz. Mine has not grown half as hers yet.

I haven't been doing any song review lately...Even the last 3 entries were about shoes, hunks and...oh yeah..a movie..Now it's bags. Although the movie was about music. Would that count?

Okay, I solemnly promise myself to do an album review after this. After I'm done being high and drunk from those handbags.

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cekkeya said...

wah izzy, sudah tukar tema rumah baru. hahaha

ye, izzy mmg penggemar beg dan kasut.