Thursday, September 17, 2009

Truth be told : It's only good for laughs...

Went to Pyramid with Ellina earlier today. Fun all the way. Watched The Ugly Truth (Ellina’s pick). Laughed ourselves so hard, it was ridiculous. Then we broke our fast at Manhattan Fish Market. Elle hogged all the oysters while I had dibs on the cheesey prawns. Super yum!

I noticed there are so many new (and cool) movies coming up at the end of this year. I remembered making a list of up-and-coming movies to watch out for last year. Some I managed to catch in the cinema, others I just couldn't find the time.

Of course, this list and what I think is cool and worthy of watching is entirely based on my humble, neurotic and sometimes superficial opinion.

  • If it's drama/chick flick/ fantasy-like adventure, CHECK.

  • If there are (hunky) fav actors of mine involved, in which I would call actor alert, CHECK.

  • If it involves blood and all the gory details, CHECK.

  • Fangs and cold brooding vamps are always a CHECK.

  • If it's by Disney, wajib la CHECK. ;D

So really shouldn't trust my judgement...


1.Bride Wars
2. Confessions of A Shopaholic – The one movie compulsive shoppers all around were dying to watch.
3. Inkheart - A must for all book hoarders and avid fan of Brendan Fraser like mόi.
4. City Of Ember - Actor alert : Harry Treadaway.
5. Angels and Demons
6. Public Enemies
7. I Love You, Man – Actor alert : Paul Rudd
8. The Proposal – Actor Alert : Ryan Reynolds
9. G.I Joe – Actor alert : Channing Tatum.
10. Up – Disney has never let me down. (Wait, with the exception of Wall-E. I was literally yawning in the cinema).
11. G-Force

Coming soon from Oct 09 to Dec 09

1. The Time Traveller’s Wife
2. (500) Days Of Summer - Aaaa! Actor Alert : Joseph Gordon Levitt!!

3. Inglorious Basterds

4. 2012
5. New Moon – Looking at the trailer, I can tell it’ll be another letdown like the first one. However I’m still going to watch it out of loyalty for the whole Twilight Saga.

6. Fantastic Mr Fox
7. Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame - A Persian movie that’s been getting rave review from The Star.

8. The Princess And The Frog – A Disney must watch!

9. Sherlock Holmes

Where the heck is Coraline? And My Sister’s Keeper? Penat kot I tunggu dari last June. What’s even worst, Sarah and her mom pun dah tengok kat UK. Should we wait like…uhh..the next 10 years before the 2 movies actually hit the Malaysian shores?

My pick for movies to watch in 2010

1. Cirque Du Freak : The Vampire's Assistant – Vamp fans, rejoice. But don’t expect any love story here. This is one sick and twisted vampire movie. It's based on the book series, The Saga of Darren Shan. And seriously, the books are really scary eventhough they're targeted for young adults. (Ni lagi satu movie penat tunggu. From June delayed to September delayed to December delayed to 2010)

2. The Last Airbender
3. Alice In Wonderland – Director alert : Tim Burton. Always a fan of his quirky and eerily dark films. And last time I saw Alice, I was 9.

4. Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
5. Toy story 3 – I’ll be in line to watch you Woody. On the very first day itself.

6. Inception – Actor alert : Cillian Murphy
7. The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

*RED indicates wajib tengok kat cinema. By hook or crook.*

Am currently going through a phase that involves gushing over Freddie Highmore. Have bought DVDs of August Rush and Spiderwick Chronicles. Have yet to look for Finding Neverland and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

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