Sunday, September 06, 2009

An incredible journey moving at the speed of sound

"...and if I think I can learn how to play it, they might hear me...They would know I was theirs... And find me..."

A struggling musician, a concert cellist and Freddie Highmore as the musical child prodigy. Those alone are enough for me to fall in love with August Rush.

I don't even know how to compliment this film without sounding like I'm milking it over the top. I do know it's a beautiful movie and I do know I'm lucky enough to have come across it. If you do get the opportunity to watch this film, don't just "watch" it. Listen, and I really mean LISTEN to it as well. Because it really moves you, how Evan/August feels the music around him. And the musical score for the film is simply breathtaking.

If you love everything there is about music, instead of falling for Jonathan Rhys Meyer (and how gorgeous he looked with a guitar), your heart would go out for Evan/August himself.

*Thanks Diba. I owe you one*

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