Thursday, February 04, 2010

I need every wakin' hour with you

Music updates :

2010 is shaping up to be an awesome year (so far). ;p

Boys Like Girls came to Malaysia on the 29th of January. Wasn't able to go to their show because yours truly thought their concert is in June when in fact it was in January. made the announcement that they'll be here in Jan (as in Jan, not January) and I mistakenly heard it as June. Pfft.

Anyway, Kris Allen is coming to Malaysia next week. He'll be performing in The Gardens Mall Ballroom. Awesome tak?? Sangat dekat dengan my workplace. If my manager bagi I sneak out kejap it'll be great. (Haha).

My favourite song of the moment : Friends by Band Of Skull.

Funny though. I'm also currently in the mood for jazzy slash burlesque-y kind of songs.

Try listening to Stripper by Soho Dolls and Back To Black by Amy Winehouse. You'll get what I mean.

*Nak suruh OneRepublic datang Malaysia...*
**Susah la bila tengah infatuated dengan someone.**

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A-Sha Pinkiex said...

Amboi, spill :D :D