Sunday, February 28, 2010

You make yourself a bed at the bottom of the blackest hole

"Don't overwork yourself. Your health kena jaga. Awak still nak kena study. If you're not getting better I want you to quit your job." -Abah-

Here's the thing :

Last week my "annual" batuk+selsema+sakit tekak came for a visit. I know my own body. And I know I akan kena batuk2 semua tu twice every year. Time blaja kat U dlu pun macam tu. Early of the semester mesti akan kena mild flu macam tu. Tapi boleh je pergi kelas macam biasa.

So, kebetulan la pulak for 2010 my expected sickness tu came during the week that I've been requested untuk buat overtime at my workplace. And bila supervisors ask whether I can do extra overtime or not, chances are I'm going to say yes.

One, not because I'm afraid of saying no to any of the supervisors.

Two, not because I'm trying to pretend to be a "pekerja baik", the kind yang asyik angguk and follow the orders given.

And three, definitely not because I'm all crazy about making the extra $. My mom was like, "Kenapa nak overtime, duit tak cukup ke?". Nope, $$-$$ tersangatla cukup.

Of course, the extra money you get from doing overtime does serve itself as a perk.

For those who are really close to me, they would know about the love I have for books. I can't explain why and they've stopped understanding why. They just accept the fact for what it is.

The reason I akan say yes bila di minta buat overtime : I don't mind it if it means dealing with them books. Plus, bukannye I buat anything productive dekat rumah tu pun.

Although, I boleh je brush up and revise my programming skills time-time cuti kat rumah tu kan... But that's another story. ;p

Think of it this way. Budak kecik sangat suka playground kan? Kalau parents suruh balik, melutut menangis tak nak balik. Belum puas naik the swing la, nak main the slides lagi la, sand-box buddy belum nak balik la...

For me, my workplace is my playground. Sebab masa kecik2, my dad akan bawak I teman dia pergi kedai buku. He doesn't take me to the playground. I've been spending time in a bookshop since I was little.

It might be unrealistic and tak masuk akal to some but that is how I actually feel. It's as simple as that.

So if a mother tells her child "Okay, today you get another extra hour to play", of course la budak kecik tu won't say no kan?

Some of my co-workers think I'm doing it for another reason. I just wish they know how I really feel. Sebab right now I kena pretend yang it's actually sangat la x best bile kena buat OT sebab orang atasan suruh. If I actually told them I don't mind doing it, they might think I'm trying to "brown-nose" some people.

And as for my dad, he means well. I know he does. I think he knows I like doing what I'm doing now because just like me, he loves books too. (Dia bagi that gene to me la because I know it ain't from my mom.)

But I also know how my dad's mind works. Education first and health second.

Part time jobs are somewhere between 140 and 150.

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Farihna said...

Chill-lex ah babe.. Just be yourself k.

A-Sha Pinkiex said...

Get well soon sweetie :)

And yes, books and you are inseparable.

Oh, plus... I have this brilliant idea, maybe time you kawin you should get one of the hantaran to be like you know, consist of books or $$$$$ vouchers of borders or something :P hehe

xoxo miss you :)