Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey soul sister...

Last week I finally dapat makan the lemon meringue pie I've been craving for since last year.

Ye, memang boleh buat sendiri tapi seriously can't find the time to do it nor do I've any idea how to do it.

Dapat makan the meringue pie pun by pure coincidence actually. A friend of mine, who she herself at that time was craving for a dish of seafood pasta decided that we should have lunch at this place called Delicious. Haha, perasan weh namakan your restaurant with that name.

Anyway, she got her pasta and I got my pie. Seriously it was darn hard for me to find any pie resembling the lemon meringue before this. Tried searching in Secret Recipe, Baker's Cottage and even Delifrance but to no avail.

I love lunches with girlfriends. Good food, great company.

The best part, she took care of the bill. When asked what was the occasion (My birthday has long past and she already got me a birthday gift. I know it can't be because I've been behaving like a good girl since she has to handle a lot of my lorat-ness at work. Haha), she simply said "Sebab dapat masuk U.M."

Aww...ini yang sayang lebih ni... Haha. Joking. Even without the blue cheese dipping and the pie itself I love love LOVE ya already.

I can never repay your kindness.

Nak treat you lunch in a posh restaurant pun, I'm not that filthy rich yet. Haha.

I can only pray that peace be upon you and may Allah bless you always dear soul sister. ;)

On the same day itself I got a call saying my hummingbird is here. After lunch ape lagi....

My friend told me each charm usually symbolizes a special occasion or mark off something special that happened in the person's life.

Me, I think the charms on the bracelet should be all about the wearer's characteristics. Things that will tell you something about the wearer.

Treble clef is of course for my obvious passion in music.

I is the initial of my name.

Snow flake because selalu berangan nak main snow but Malaysian humid and dry weather menghalang niat. =/

Humming bird as a protest against butterflies. Butterflies are so overrated. Butterfly pendants, butterfly brooches, butterfly rings...it's the association of butterfly and being feminine I guess. Pfft! Baik beli the humming bird.

The pink diamond was chosen by my mom. (After I begged her repetitively to buy me one charm. My money dah habis di-drained obviously). And to her, the one who holds the $$-$$ has the final say. Can't really argue with her on that one can I?

Can I have four more charms please?

A pair of red ballet shoes that is oh-so-darn-adorable, a red handbag charm (wajib la ada for a handbag aficionado like moi kan...), a diary and a Thomas Sabo medallion with red rubies on it.

That charm itself is worth half of my monthly paycheck.

My boss once told me to marry a Tan Sri, not a Dato. He emphasized on the Tan Sri. Now I understand why. Haih...

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aalyaa said...

oit..cpt2la msuk UM