Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pointing out the obvious.

I didn't notice it before. Okay, boleh rasa la sikit-sikit but I'm good at denying the facts and denial land is sometimes my second home.

Sorry Amal and Ain. Didn't realize I was putting you guys through torture. Haha.

But okay, I will tone it down eh...The last thing I want is for me to create another secret blog filled with screenshots of YM messages between two people.

Haha, joking. Jangan marah eh siapa-siapa yang terasa tu. ;p

But thank you for today.

Funny how sometimes it only takes your best friends to point out the obvious baru diri sendiri nak accept the fact for what it is.

I knew there are months where all the post would be all about it tapi did not realize pulak it was THAT much.

I'm oh-so very allergic to the word j!w@ng. So if your own besties, who sometimes can be the one mirror of truth you know you can't avoid dah cakap "Hey, your blog makin *beep* la..." then you know you're in a deep trouble.

By the way, I love you guys for choosing my side. And for what it's worth, I'll always be on your side too no matter what.

And please jangan la buat aksi paging macam tu lagi next time. ;p

Finally get to lepas rindu seeing my cousin who happens to be teramatla ayu with her new tudung-clad image.

And Ain, we're going to miss you and your snarky, sarcastic attitude when you leave us for Sabah. *Sobs-sobs*.

Twice this week I splurged at Zanmai. Even Amal dapat her infamous "foodgasm". That should be an achievement to me la kan? Since she rarely gets it. LMAO!

3 Comment(s):

Loving life. said...

hahahahaha!! i laughed so much reading this post! esp that YM part, LMAO!! n sy setuju, kazen awk ayu btul la...! ;)

A-Sha Pinkiex said...

Hello, bukan YM okay. It's called FB chat :P

Harhar, tolong jangan gune the word ayu pls >_< Gelis XD

A-Sha Pinkiex said...

oh, kawan2 kamu tidak dilayak dipanggil kawan pls. sorry to say la eh.