Sunday, May 02, 2010

I knew I love you before I met you...

The first time I saw you at Pavillion last year I knew you were trouble. And because I was afraid of approaching you I kept my distance even though my heart longed to get to know you better. Because I knew you spelled TROUBLE.

Then this year in April, I heard that you were coming. God knows how much I anticipated your arrival. Everyday on my way to work I would take the unnecessary route past your place, hoping to catch a glimpse of you.

And then tiba-tiba, on one innocent Monday Morning, while I was on my way to work, when I least expected it, I saw you.

Schmuck! You're here, I thought.

Because no one was around (it was pretty early in the morning) I decided to come closer to you (not that you're aware of it). The closer I got to you, the harder my heart pounded. Never have I been this elated to see you.

Really, I should just turn back and pretend tak nampak anything. Turn back now before it's too late. That was what my head was frantically trying to warn me but somehow my feet weren't listening. My mind was temporarily paralyzed at the sight of you.

Finally I was next to you. So close I could almost reach out and touch you.

All you did was stood there. Lifeless, even. You barely have to do anything and already I am in love with you. The effect that you have on me, I really do hate it sometimes.

You had to come to the Gardens la kan... buat my life tak tenteram kan... Kenapa tak boleh duduk diam-diam je kat Pavillion dulu...

After much staring and gaping, (you of course were totally oblivious to my presence) I had to pull myself away from you.

That evening after work, after much encouragement from my two friends, we (yeah, they tagged along for moral support) decided that we should...*ahem* berkenal-kenalan.

It turned out okay. The first ever, face-to-face meeting. I didn't stutter when talking and even my friends approved of you.

On my way home, all I could think of was you. Even though the meeting was short, there was definitely a connection. I felt it, and you felt it too.

Finally last Wednesday, I decided to take this 'thing' that we have here to the next level.

Thus began our love affair. Why is it an affair? Because I know my parents will never approve of you. They would say you're nothing but trouble for me. That when I'm around you I can't seem to think straight. How can I think clearly when you make me that happy?? Happy does not even do justice to describe the feeling I get whenever you're around me. You're even better than dark chocolate. I like chocolate. But I love dark chocolate... So yeah, you do the math...

I don't really know for how long this relationship will last. Like all "star-crossed" lovers yang hubungannye dihalang oleh parents, sacrifices need to be made for us to work this in the long run. No pain, no gain kan...

Although kadang-kadang pain la jugak kan when I'm the only one making all the sacrifices. I'm the one who's always giving while you're the one who's always receiving.

But because I really really REALLY love you Thomas Sabo, I don't mind. I'll keep giving you my $$-$$, you just keep on showering me with you 'charm(s)'. Heh, pun intended.

3 5 (just added another 2 as of this evening) down, 13 more to go.

*Random : Thomas Sabo is from German. Awesomeness kan?? Did I mention I used to take German in university?*

*Seriously jatuh cinta dengan that kedai weh... And seriously dah pokai sekarang... =/ *

*Amal, nanti will post the pic eh.. They had to order the hummingbird charm I wanted since it ran out of stock. Pfft!*

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Sarah said...

i like the style.. since i kenal you, i knew it wasnt a guy. but i was v curious as to what it was gonna be :D

bagus la my friends suka charms la pulak sekarang :P hahahaha

Her.Jaded.Playlist said...

aww...u know me too damn well nak buat elemen suspense kononnye a guy. haha.

Farihna said...

hahaha... i like ur story..
if only lah kan... hahaha

Noorilah Ahmad said...
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