Sunday, June 06, 2010

Goodbye infatuation, Hello motivation.

Teha asked what made me like the guy. Was it because of his looks or his character?

Then I asked why the question.

She laughed and said it never occured to her that I could like those type of guys.

Type? What type dear? I sendiri pun confuse. Haha.

I liked him for his charms la...

Liked. Just so all my besties know, I'm over it now. So you guys no longer have to worry about me aight? Though I love you guys for caring that much. ;)

Best holiday ever. 2nd June - 5th June. On top of which I found out I got another extra 2 days of holiday.

Thank you Cia & Teha, for the trip. The break from work was very much needed.

And sorry Cia if kitorang camwhore banyak sangat dengan your camera. ;p

Kumpul more $$-$$ for our next vacation to Bali eh?

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A-Sha Pinkiex said...


Finally? ;P

Next guy pls XD

Good to see you having fun dear ;)