Wednesday, August 04, 2010

From Meyer to Coelho.

It is getting even more busy. I was going to use hectic but that sounds a bit overly dramatic.

And my second annual batuk-selsema-sakit tekak came last Saturday. Every year I akan kena twice. How do I know? 3 years in a row dah kena dah. Once during the earlier part of the year and the second one would usually be following in the middle part of the year.

Took 15ml of cough syrup and in less than 15 minutes I was knocked dead. Figuratively speaking of course.

School work is piling. Part-time work is also piling.

No longer am I the guardian for the children's section. Am taking care of the "Mind, Body, Spirit" and "Travel" section now.

As for school work, I've to get 2 mini projects done by the middle of August and at the same time I still have to figure out a topic for my research paper. The title is due this Friday.

This is going to sound kooky but I actually love my busy life. Makes me feel all grown up. Haha.

But just to keep myself in check with reality, I need to stop and take a breather.

Saya tak nak la lose control of everything pulak kan???

**Inception was awesome. 3 of my favourite indie actors were in it. I knew ada Joseph Levitt and Cillian Murphy but then I saw Lukas Haas and I was like "No effing way!". Too bad they cut his character short. And Ellen Page definitely held her own amongst all the male lead.**

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cekkeya said...

gud lux ya cik izzaidah. ehehe !!!