Sunday, August 08, 2010

Lloro Por Ti.

Lloro pronounced as "jo-ro".

Means "I Cry For You".

I love Spanish. I love it even more when Enrique Iglesias sings in Spanish. Can make a girl sigh in content just by listening to him. Hahaha, okkaayyy...dah over dah. But seriously, one of the things I want to do in life is to learn Spanish.

Malay, English, basic German and some broken Cantonese (self taught from those days when I was madly in love with Ekin Cheng).

Sangat suka belajar language.

On a random note, this week I had to give up something that I enjoy doing in order to do another thing I like doing. Orang cakap too much of something you enjoy pun ain't exactly good for your health.

Like say for instance you wanted to take a break from, oh I don't know...chocolates(??). But somehow the cosmic has its own twisted plan whereby just before the day you supposedly nak "berpuasa" from chocolates, semua orang pun nak offer you chocolate.

Am I making sense here? No I'm not. Sangat la tak articulate with words for someone who claims she loves languages so much.

Pandai mengarut je lebih. Hey, if gibberish is considered as a language, hands down I would be the star student.

On a more random note, I actually like being a part-timer. Especially when I get to *coughs*page*coughs* someone for assistance.

Dear friends who happen to know what I'm babbling about, now would be a good time as any to knock me hard in the head.

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