Sunday, March 13, 2011

And Lenka said, "...but I'm a sucker for his charm..."

Amal, this is for you.

Only because I tak buat a secret blog like you did am I doing this here. (LOL)


iziezubi : eh, yeay finally dpt baju biru
iziezubi : mesti kacak mcm voldemort
iziezubi : eh sorry
iziezubi : cute
Farihna : lol
iziezubi : haha
Farihna : hahaha
Farihna : i'll try to be dark and brooding for u when u come around next
Farihna : unfortunately i can't do the tall part
iziezubi : tak bley sbb u tak tinggi
iziezubi : haha
Farihna : me vertically challenged
iziezubi : hear hear
iziezubi : lol
Farihna : but u do go for dark skinned guys eh
iziezubi : why do you say that?
Farihna : *bleep* and *bleep* are dark guys
Farihna : i don't know ur taste prior to these 2
iziezubi : eh ye? i pun tak tau
iziezubi : i like *bleep* sbb dia tall and mysteriously comel but ala2 pemalu
iziezubi : haha
iziezubi : yg *bleep* tu..well
iziezubi : ntah
iziezubi : kebetulan je kot
iziezubi : i tak letak type
iziezubi : physically i mean
iziezubi : well, with the exception of kalau dia tinggi dia dpt extra points la
iziezubi : haha
iziezubi : but usually i go for the "internal" attributes
Farihna : ok
Farihna : u go for his charms
iziezubi : aaa! yes...
iziezubi : pandai pun
iziezubi : sbb tu u awesome
Farihna : mmg pun

iziezubi : and sunday got discussion
iziezubi : last sunday pun discussion gak
iziezubi : sunday morning some more
iziezubi : nasib baik sunday morning u dpt free endorphins
iziezubi : *tu
iziezubi : lol
Farihna : hahaha
Farihna : tulah i was like... masa bile sunday i dapat endorphins
Farihna : hehe
Farihna : u taw u je yg dapat endorphins
iziezubi : lol. but the ironic thing abt the whole situation is
iziezubi : dia comment pasal my endorphins
Farihna : i baru je nak tanya u
iziezubi : but i rasa dia tak tau dia yg bg i endorphins
Farihna : dia x taw ke yg dia endorphin u?
iziezubi : so mcm kelakar la
iziezubi : tapi tak bgtau dia la
iziezubi : nope. tak rasa dia tau
iziezubi : cool in a twisted way kan
iziezubi : haha
Farihna : agaklah
Farihna : hehehe
Farihna : u and ur endorphin shots


That's about it Amal. Hope you find it entertaining. Haha.

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Farihna said...

LOL... tetiba i'm a costar of ur blog entry... terfamous jap...
But it's funny and fun read back... LOL...