Saturday, March 26, 2011

Of doughnuts and a balloon.

I think I am addicted to Twitter.

Setiap satu minit kot...

And I am simply in love with all the quotes from

Goodness grief.

Need to find something else to do.

On a happier note, last night somebody made my night.

A perfect ending for what seemed to be a really tiring and depressing Friday.

Depressing because I dented my Savvy.

That aside, did I mention somebody made my night?

Cool like tak boleh nak berhenti wear a ridiculously dopey smile.

(Ugh. I really have to bang my head on the wall.)

3 Comment(s):

Loving Life said...

Wanna follow. What's ur username?

Her Jaded Playlist said...

?? eh, i tak privatekan la..
this blog ke u mean? -_-"

cekkeya said...

twitter kot ;)
letak skali, yan pun nak folo ;)