Sunday, April 03, 2011

Get to know Him in moments of ease. He will know you in moments of difficulty.

Yesterday was my birthday.

Allah has blessed me with another year to live. To make a difference. To improve.

Not to change. I won't say change. Change means becoming different in essence; losing one's or its original nature.

I knew I've always had a good life. But I think it was only last year that I realized I'm blessed (it's actually my current favourite word) with a good life. Along the way, I think I also realized 2 other things : One, I should not have to change myself. What I need to do is to improve myself. For the better. Two, in trying to improve I've to take baby steps. Wouldn't want my soul or bodily system to go into shock pulak kan? Haha. You need to take one pace at a time when you're ready to let something go and embrace something new.

Yesterday was indeed a good day. Had class from 12-3. I know, a drab right? On a Saturday pulak tu. But actually it was a blessing in disguise. After the class ended few of my classmates invited me for lunch which turned out to be a treat for the birthday girl. They even bought a cake. Baik kan diorang?? Only Allah can repay them for their kind deed. Then around 4, Claudia my old friend texted and we went for tea and an early dinner. Pun dia belanja jugak. Murah rezeki betul semalam..

The birthday wishes were the best of them all. Because wishes are like prayers. Ellina called, Sarah sent a semi-long wish all the way from UK, Amal tried calling but I was in class so she sent a very heart-felt birthday wish instead. And Ain, I baru dapat your text today. (Lambat la Ain. Ni yang sedih ni.. Haha). This is going to sound cheesy (or sappy, as Ain puts it) but I don't care. My bestfriends' love are one of the best gifts from Allah to me.

All sappiness aside, another person also made my day. Well, night actually. Yes that person was late but that person felt kind of guilty I almost felt sorry for that person. Haha. Still, dapat jugak another dose of endorphins kan?

And for all the well-wishers, whether it's through Facebook, texting or calling : Thank you so much for your kind words. Definitely made my day.

Michael Althsuler said, "The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot."

Now I don't know who Michael Althsuler is but I think he is one wise dude.

I want to do good things with the year 24. I want to become a compassionate Person, a kind Sister, a good Student, a loyal Friend and an amazing Bestfriend. But above all I want to be Allah's best and loving servant.

Macam susah kan?

But please pray for me that I can become all that.

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