Sunday, April 10, 2011

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Senang kan nak relapse to your old ways?

Lagi senang once you remembered how good it felt.

But I'm human. Bound to make mistakes.

I just wish people would understand me. That I don't have to tell them. That all the times we've spent together, growing up and all are enough to make them understand me. My discomfort. My silence.

But we're all human beings. Bound to make mistakes.

I would really like to meet Jonathan Safran Foer. I'd like to know what goes through his mind every time he pens down all these beautifully crafted words that struck my chord.

And jumping to a completely random topic....

Suka jugak baca these two particular blogs : Alkisah and my:lullaby. Letak link nanti they might sue me for invasion of privacy pulak. Haha. But yeah, one has a wicked style in humorous writing. The other one tu, I can't exactly figure out what is it about her blog that I like. Dia macam, ethereal-like but can also toss out the cold hard truth about what's happening around us in a perspective way.

I think dua-dua orang ni ade personaliti yang menarik.

This week is killing me. Figuratively speaking. Sebab lately ade je orang yang always take everything yang I cakap secara word for word. Haih...rolling my eyes. Literally.

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