Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hebah Ahmed is awesome. Period.

"Basically, I want people to know that when I choose to cover this way it’s because I am fighting against a systematic oppression against women in which women’s bodies are being sexualized and objectified. This is a different perspective and a different form of empowerment in which I think when I’m in public, my sexuality is in my control and people have to deal with my brain and who I really am and not judge me by my body. And if we want to really talk about the oppressive situation of women, let’s talk about all the eating disorders, all of the plastic surgery, all of the unhealthy diets that are being done, all in the name of having the perfect body. To me, this is liberating and this is empowering."

Niqab is banned in France. Appear in public with one and you will get arrested.

I'm not wearing a Niqab but I am wearing a hijab. And I absolutely adore how Hebah Ahmed articulated her points.

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