Saturday, July 04, 2009

We think you're a joke...shove your hope where it don't shine

[Shove it - Santogold]

On the surface (and i.m.h.o) I think the song is about Brooklyn (Brooklyn we work hard...we broke but rich at heart) versus Manhattan (lofts, penthouses, upper east siders and trump tower). I say this because in a couple of shows that I've seen, whenever there's a rich-witch character that complains about their limo being late or how "crucial" it is not to wear the same outfit twice in a month (pfft!), at the mention of the word Brooklyn, they somehow look like they're about to pass out. But then again, what do I know about NY and the privileged people living there..The farthest I've been abroad was...nvm..

Back to the song...First heard it while watching Gossip Girl Season 2. And mind you, I couldn't think of a better song to compliment that particular scene. Somehow "Lonely boy" a.k.a Dan became the joke of the week for the entire school. So there Lonely Boy was, standing in the middle of the courtyard, all students there staring at him in disgust, shaking their heads. Clearly Dan's face says it all "Oh crap, what did I do now ?" And right on cue "We think you're a joke, shove your hope where it don't shine.." with the camera doing a 360 on Dan. All I can say is I'm lucky I'm not Dan.

Anyway, steering towards a more clearer subject (wouldn't want to end up with an episode recap here now do we?) I personally love the song (the intro being my favourite. Yet to be determined what instrument was used. Guitar?? Trombone?? Saxaphone??) And in any scene where you're up face-to-face with your nemesis, what better way for you to piss him or her off than having the song being played at the background, basically screaming "Dude, get out of my face. Don't even think you're going to win this" (lol!) It could be a decent post breakup song. It could even be the first song you wake up to in the morning (it does have an addictive tune that kinds of stick in your head for a while).

On an average, it's a pretty decent song (it did make its way to my fav playlist)..And just fyi, the singer was named "the artist to watch in 2008" by rolling stones. So I guess she must be good.. Have yet to listen to her full album though..

There're two more songs worth listening to that I found out from the show. In one episode, there's a violin-quartet version of Muse's "Time Is Running Out" (by The Section Quartet). It was hands down awesome. I did ask my mom whether I could take violin classes when I was 13 but she laughed at me like I had another head sprouting from my neck. *Sighs* Anyway, the other is a song called Good Day by Nappy Roots and Greg Street. If you have the time, try listening to those songs.

[ p.s, Thanks Ain. You know for what ;) ]

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Loving life. said...

hello darling.. i love the title of ur blog! =) the song reminds me of M.I.A. n hey, never too late to learn kan, pick an instrument n run with it! =)

A-Sha de Kitty Lover said...

Wahhh~ Beta bangga cousin beta sudah ada blog <3

cekkeya said...

is it izzy???