Saturday, July 11, 2009

You'll be sad that you let me go


[The Wind Blows - The All-American Rejects]

They say less is sometimes more. As an effort of trying to refrain myself from writing a ten page entry solely dedicated to Tyson thus beating the purpose of giving my two cents worth about the song, I'm just going to take a deep breath and say exactly ONLY 3 reasons why I absolutely LOVE this song.

1. It's a track totally different from what you usually get from The All-American Rejects. The song was perfectly harmonized and undeniably good from the get-go.

2. It's not your typical a-love-lost song that can sometimes be painstakingly mushy or unavoidably cheesey.

3. I can't give another concrete reason. All I know is I fell in love with the song the very first time I heard it on MTV. Wish I could feel the same way about a guy. Lol!

Their live perfomance on Letterman's show was just..beautiful... Letterman liked the harp (yes, there's a harp involved) We just like watching Tyson (which leads to clouding up our better judgement against the harp).

Want to know another thing that I noticed? The song has a faint resemblance of sounding like the soundtrack from the Topgun movie. Remember "Take My Breath Away"? (and no, not the Jessica Simpson remake)

Reviews were all rave for their album "When the World Comes Down". Other great tracks include "Back To Me", "Another Heart Calls, "Gives You Hell" (duh, obvie) and "I Wanna" (yes Tyson, I would very much want to touch you too, but that's beside the point. lol)

Maybe I should stop now before this gets even more irrelevent and I start to lose my objectivity.

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