Sunday, July 19, 2009

I could use a fresh beginning too...All of my regrets are nothing new

Hello, good morning, how you do?
What makes your risin' sun so new?

[Learning To Breathe - Switchfoot]

As far as I can remember, Switchfoot has been the oldest and all time favourite band of mine. (Jonathan Foreman was my first *coughs* love, but that's not the main point).

And while you can bet there will be more entries relating to Switchfoot in the forseeable future, I'm going to start today's "commentary" with Learning To Breathe. Yes, I should've started with "Dare You To Move", being that it's my most favourite song of all time and THE one song I absolutely can NOT get tired of listening to but this particular one is my second close fav. It's more of a private and personal song to me than DYTM is.

For those who've yet to know who or what Switchfoot is, they're a band (like,duh) from California. I started listening to Switchfoot in 2002 and got to know about their songs from watching A Walk To Remember. Two of their most famous tracks were in that movie. Ever wondered how sometimes you just "fall-in-love-at-first-sound" with some songs? Well, Dare You To Move was one of them. In 2002, I wasn't that good with computers and all the tech stuff. So the only time I got to listen to Switchfoot was when was kind enough to play it on air for me. They weren't exactly mainstream-material, unlike Nickelback or Daughtry nowadays. When I finally got my monthly allowance, no need to guess that I made Speedy RM40 richer. The Beautiful Letdown is still one of my fav albums so far.

Anyway, last year Switchfoot came to Malaysia for their tour (Jon Foreman ate Nasi Kandar and surfed at Sunway Lagoon. How cool was that??!!). And while I was ready to fork out $ for the tix to their show, my mom said there's no absolute way she's letting me anywhere near a concert stage as long as I'm living under her care. (This was my 2nd attempt. The first was when I was in high school and Westlife came to Malaysia. I remembered Sarah, Amal and I wanted to go and watch the fab-five-irish-lads badly). Anyway, I found out that a former classmate of mine got free tix to Switchfoot's show and he said the concert was "Biase je". Biase je?? Hello, are you like tone deaf or something? (no, I dare not say that directly to his boyish face. Haha) And I remembered at that time two of my friends (Ain and Hern) were rooting for me to go to the concert. I'm still in envy with Ain for getting to go to Him's concert. How she did it and how she dressed for it is still a mystery to me...Mind you, she's a tudung clad girl who's really into "dark-goth-rock" music. And that's putting it mildly. When MCR first came to the scene in Malaysia, she was the first one in our class to even know about them. When the rest of us finally caught up with the MCR-Helena fever, she was already into new bands by then. She single-handedly made The Rasmus a household name in our class. She even won a dinner date with the band itself when they came to perform in Malaysia (really, I'm not making this up. She got the chance to sit in the same table with four rocking finnish dudes) but her mom said no (Wait, did she even told her mom she won?) So yeah, she's kind of my music Guru. Haha

Right, getting back on track.....

So it was a drab that I couldn't watch Switchfoot live and up close. There's always youtube, I tried to convince myself. But when I saw the commercial that 8TV is airing Switchfoot's showcase in Malaysia on one Sunday night, I knew instantly 8TV had made my day. Thank You soo very much Mr Izham (CEO of 8TV). I owe you one. So on Sunday night, for one hour I was in complete bliss. I was so jealous of Rina because she got to be the hostess throughout Switchfoot's stay in Malaysia. Then came the concert part. They performed Meant To Live, This Is Your Life, Stars, Dare You To Move (obvie) and other of their major hits. Cia and Teha, my roommates were such good friends for humouring me and my "Oh-My-God-It's-Jon!" moments. They sat with me for the whole hour and even turned up the volume (I was afraid it would bug them since they were studying but being such darlings, they said what better way to enjoy a rock concert than having the volume on full blast). And having them with me was not even the best part. The band was about to perform "Learning To Breathe" when Jon said "....This one's a personal favourite of mine..." I couldn't remember what else he said but the main point is : His personal favourite song is exactly the same as mine. OMG! Life could not be any more perfect than it already is. (See, I don't think it takes much to please me..Just a few of rockstars saying they composed a song for me and having their fav song being the same as mine Ha.Ha) Teha and Cia were smiling and shaking their heads at the sight of my love-struck expression.

So yeah..maybe it would've been much better had I gotten the chance to watch them perform live, but a girl can't have everything she wants in life right? And the fact that Jon and I now share something in common totally compensate any dissapoinment I felt for missing their show. Who knows, maybe the next time they're in Malaysia, I could be in the same table with them, eating Nasi Kandar. A girl can dream, aight..

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A-Sha de Kitty Lover said...

Lols! Oh Ain would be so proud to have you as her protege xD NASI KANDAR IZIE?!

Btw, I'll go and listen to some Switchfoot songs now... I wonder why I selalu skip their songs whenever I use iTunes -__-"


Loving life. said...

haha.. i think we're more like colleagues.. we've got quite diff music tastes.. (i.e. TR sings about funerals, Switchfoot sings about breathing.. haha) ;)

oh man, izie, i wished so hard that u were with me tgk HIM live tu. it was amazing. x dpt tgk my all time fav TR, dpt tgk the closest second pun sgt best.. so watch out for gigs, maybe u'll find something that can settle for second best while waiting for switchfoot to dtg lg. =)

Her.Jaded.Playlist said...

Amal : Ye..Nasi kandar.. dorg sebut eh nasi kandar. You jgn nk mock dorg plak. haha. bukan salah I dorg x makan ur trifle puding.

Ain : ROFLOL @ funerals and breathing. The AAR nk dtg Malaysia nnt. Performing at Sunway Lagoon. My bro once dpat tgk a concert at sunway, but i x bley!! Life is so cruel!

~wan~ said...

izie dh ada blog..hihi....hai...

Her.Jaded.Playlist said...

Hai wan ;p lol!

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