Monday, July 27, 2009

Counting down to 15th August (Pt II)

A picture (particularly the picture above) is worth a thousand words. I couldn't agree more. What I have to do now is listen to Kasabian, because I've never heard of them before this (blame the malaysian airwaves ;p ) But since they're headlining the show, it's only fair if I at least know a few of their songs. From what I read, they sound more or less like Oasis. That should be good since I like Oasis. AAR will definitely be there. Boys Like Girls has yet to be confirmed. I'm hoping against hope they'll be there. BLG's one of my fav.

So, thank yous are in order. 1stly, to my mom : Though you have not yet bestow me with your "Yes", you did graciously supply me with the allowance $$$ that I oh-so-splurged on the tickets. We'll work on the "yes" later. Persistence is key dear mother ;D

2ndly, to my sometimes-annoying-that-I-could-almost-whack-you-if-not-for-the-fact-you're-the-only-kid bro-I-have-brother . I couldn't think of a better person to "chaperon" and accompany me that night. (And may the tix be the best 18th bday prezzie you've ever received. LOL).

3rdly, to my bestest of friend (cum baby sis) in the whole wide world. For keeping this (getting the tickets) a secret from mama+abah. Yes, I'll promise to get you the Billabong handbag you badly wanted.

And most importantly,to those two someones who were kind enough to "lend" me their Xpax nums in order to get the tix. You guys rock!

Plan B is now in motion. Wish me luck!
*Amal : I'll try and refrain myself from "partying" and jumping-up-and-down. Am there to purely enjoy good, live music ;p Ain : S.O.S with the dress code!!! Help! *

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cekkeya said...

wah...bagus2 izzy, persistence eh key dia?? ahahah

enjoy n take care eh nt...

A-Sha de Kitty Lover said...

I salute you big time dear. Keep on buttering your mum. Worse comes to worst, promise her stuff that you don't usually promise, like bribe her with gifts or whatever you can think of, I'm sure you're creative ;D

Baper the tix price?

Rofl. Your sis pun termasuk in your scandal eh xD

P/s: Do jump up and down and take lotsa piccies when you're there nnt, ngeh3x.

A-Sha de Kitty Lover said...

Wait, you'll be going to Sarah's bday party first right? Check FB pls~

Her.Jaded.Playlist said...

Trust me, bukan bribe je..semua chores pun i dgn x complain-nye buat. Mmg tgh brown-nose habis2an! Yes, my sis pun termasuk dlm my conspiracy..and yes, i'll be going to sarah's party..
shud we shop @ La Senza (payback's a
b!yaaatch) ;D

Loving life. said...

lol! good on u, izie.. it'll be so fun! =) and yea, kasabian does sound like oasis, kinda. as for the gig attire, well, i admit i didn't wear my tudung to my HIM night, haha.. it wasn't an open air gig, it was in a big bar, so didn't want to draw the attention of the after-drunks. i wore a black cap, black long cotton skirt and black double layer t-shirt wit sum 'rock' drawing. i think casual is good, no need to cantik2 sgt. something easy to move in. it's open air right? black t-shirt n jeans pun ok, wit sneakers. =)