Thursday, August 06, 2009

Most of all it's built to last...

Cause you are the sun in my universe,
Consider the best when we felt the worst
And most of all, most of all it's built to last.

[Built To Last - Melee]

(I looooove the way Chris Cron plays the piano. That's saying a lot since guys+pianos never do get my undivided attention)

Three reasons why I love Melee.

1. They're from Orange County, California. The O.C anybody?? (I know it doesn't make any sense, but my besties should know that it does ;p ) Ok ok...that does not count as a concrete reason why I love the band. How about this : They created one of the greatest songs ever made (i.m.h.o). Built To Last is seriously good. And sweet, in a non-romantic-mushy way. I even envisioned it being played on my wedding day. (no Celine Dion please!)

2. They make the absolute great songs. Fun, highly addictive, the kind of music you can listen to while driving around in your car. And the way Chris blends his piano playing skills + vocals with the rest of the band results in good tracks that you can listen to countless of times without getting bored. They're like melodic pop meets modern rock.

3. So far, they are the only 4-piece band that looks drop-dead-gorgeous. Seriously, all four of them are really good looking in a clean-cut way. (Trying hard not to be biased, haha)

I've to thank my kid-bro for this one...One time, doing what I do best when there's a remote in my hand, I channel surfed. It annoys my mom like hell. The more reason to do it frequently. ;D Stopped at Hitz.Tv when I saw a band playing at that time what I thought was a decent song (it was almost to the end and I couldn't catch the name of the band). So I had to walk around for weeks humming the only tiny part of the song I could remember by a band I don't even know. Back then, my bro relied on me to get his weekly fix of new songs since he doesn't have a laptop. One day he told me to get him a song.

Him : Built To Last. Melee tau..
Me : Haa...siape?
Him : M.E.L.E.E. Melee. Lagu dorg slalu main kat Hitz.TV.
Me : *eyes-rolling* Fine. Nanti along carikan.

And cari I did. Music-wise, my bro share only one thing in common with me. Our love for Switchfoot. And occasionally 30 Seconds To Mars. Other than that he's into Jo Bros (YUCK!!! I detest Joe Jonas), Ne-yo, Hey Monday and some "shuffle-style (it's a dance move)" songs I don't even know about. So I was curious as to what this "Melee" might sound like that I decided to play the song on my laptop. Took me less than a minute to decide that the intro was one hell of a good intro. And when the drums and bass came, I knew I was hooked. It was when they reached the chorus did I realize that it's THE song. One that I've been humming for weeks. And by the time the song ended, I hit the PLAY button for a second round.

The next natural (and obvious) thing I did was Googled + Youtube-ed them. Found out they're huge in Japan. And they have more than one great hit. I went to several music stores in Subang but none have the album I was looking forward to actually buying. So as a last resort, I asked Sarah, a friend of mine in UK to buy the album (since it was available there) and pass it to me the next time she returns for her holidays in Msia. I'm still waiting for that cd

So, while we patiently wait for the cd, take time to hear these songs that I think are worthy of listening to.

  1. Built To Last (My now top 5 favourite songs of all time)
  2. Stand Up
  3. Frequently Baby
  4. The War
  5. Can't Hold On
*They were in S'pore last year. Too bad they didn't make it to Malaysia*

Courtesy of Yahoo!Video. Just watch how "bersungguhnye" Chris is playing the piano.

(Uploading the video, like any other video might take a while. Patience is a virtue!)

@ Yahoo! Video

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