Monday, August 31, 2009

The crippling effect of gorgeous shoes

In the shopaholic movie Rebecca Bloomwood said : Security can mean different things to different people. Some it's going to the party with the right shoes. This might leave you feeling secure for an evening but have a crippling effect on you in later life.

Girls in general go crazy over shoes. I like shoes but I'm not exactly wild about them. I've friends who feel like they have to buy a pair of shoes each and everytime they're out shopping. They say it's a compulsion. Me, I'll only go crazy if the shoes happen to be red in colour. Or if it's by Jimmy Choo, which I know I still am not able to afford. My cousin and I made a pact to spend our first paycheck together on a pair of uberly gorgeous Choos. Can't wait for that day to come! ;D

Anyway, the reason I'm talking about footwear is because on Saturday I accompanied my baby sis for shoe-shopping. Untuk raya, obviously. I did not intend on getting myself anything that day, especially a new pair of shoes since I already bought mine months ago. How I was proven wrong. It happened just like the time I first met my red Mary Janes. Went into Charles & Keith, browsed all around (kononnye for my sis) when a shoe display caught my eye. It was love at first sight. And it was 50% off the normal price. My heart says YES! but my reason says NO!. So with a heavy heart I set the shoe back down. Since my sister didn't find any shoes to her liking, we walked out of the shop. But the next hour my mind was doing it's own "Debat Piala Diraja" in my head.

...It's 50% off.
...But you've already bought your raya shoes.
...It's ankle boots! The one you've always wanted to have in your mere collection of shoes.
...Yes but it's not like I need them now.
...It's 50% off!!
...But mom would be mad.
...Not if you beg nicely.

(I can't exactly blame the devil. Bulan puasa mana ade syaitan menghasut.)

Next thing I know I was calling my mom. By 4 pm my mom, sis and I made our way back to the shop. And when I did try the shoes on (they fit perfectly!), I knew these babies were made for me. (Ceh, pardon me for my melodramaticness). So at the end of the day both my sister and I went home with each our own pair of new shoes and big smiles.

Yesterday the whole family went out to OU. Apparently my bro needs new shirts (for raya jugak) and my mom thought we might as well dine out to break our fast later in the evening. Yeay, I thought. A reason for me to flaunt my new shoes. By 12.30 pm we were on our way to Damansara. New shoes can give you blisters but mine didn't. I was so in love with the boots that every step felt like I was walking on clouds.

Unfortunately I didn't feel like walking on clouds anymore after 2 hours of walking. The thing is, the boots have quite a heel. And they did say never to walk in heels for more than 2 hours or your feet will start cramping and feeling sore. By 3 pm I was walking even slower than my dad. And my dad walks really slow, as if he's strolling in a park. Who can blame him. He's not the one shopping. It's his 3 kids and wife who are more proactive in that part. So yesterday I was literally walking side by side with my dad. And at every shop that my bro, sis and mom entered, I opted to sit on the benches outside the shops. My feet felt like they were killing me!! Finally I told my mom I wanted to go to MPH. And no, not because I wanted to buy a book. It's the only place where you get to sit for hours and hours reading books or magazines you don't even want to buy without having the store clerks follow you around or give you the dirty look. By 5.30 pm we made our way back to Subang. We were supposed to break fast at TGIF Subang Parade. The moment I got myself into the car, I relieve my feet of the boots. What I need now is a baldi of air panas to rendam my sore feet, I thought. Upon arriving at Subang Parade (which involved more walking), I switched to my pair of flats that I always kept hidden under the car seat for emergency. This was definitely emergency.

When we finally got home and as I tucked my boots safely in the box, I found myself thinking the next time I'm wearing this shoes, it'll be for occasions that involve walking for less than 90 mins. Sure they give me pain that only girls who are crazy for heels can imagine but I still think the boots were worth every $. Beauty experts did say "Beauty is pain". The only weird thing was how I kept myself motivated throughout the last hour of painful walk in OU shopping complex before reaching the parking lot. I said : You conquered Gunung Ledang before. Surely you can walk in these boots.

So maybe it's true. Pretty shoes do give girls a sense of security, make us feel like we can do anything we want and walk around feeling absolutely and gorgeously blissful. For the first 2 hours or so. Then when we're old we'd be making all orthopedics rich with our weekly crippled leg checkup. Pfft!

At least for now, I can finally cross off "Buying a pair of boots" in my To-Do List.

Jessica Simpson has a song entitled "These Boots Are Made For Walking". It's perfect for this entry. LMAO!

The ankle boots

The red Mary Jane that I fell in love at first sight with

This belongs to my roommate, Cia. Never liked wedges that much. But it was in RED!! My heart was practically melting.

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cekkeya said...

wah izzy!!!

beauty is pain!!! pain is beauty? ahhaha

ps: ske dgn kasut tuh!!! dua dua chantek dan meletup kalau pakai!!! ehehhe

Loving life. said...

you are a corporate slave, lol. ;P the red mary janes are super cute. had to tell u that i've got a pair of red suede boots too, and they pretty much kill me after half an hour walking in them. so we'll need to have a red-footwear day out. u know, see who starts limping first, haha.