Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Winchesters, The Colt and The Impala

*nothing music-related here...just gushing about 2 drop-dead-gorgeous guys ;p *

Have always been a gigantic fan of SUPERNATURAL. Because the producers took two of my-once-huge-crushes during high school and put them both in one show where ghosthunting never looked this good. If you were a TV-show-junkie just like me during those days when Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer ruled the scene, you would remember that Dean Winchester was Alec from Dark Angel and Sam Winchester was Dean from Gilmore Girls. So tonight marks the first eppy of the 3rd season of Supernatural. Last time we saw the Winchester bros, Dean sold his soul to the devil in exchange for Sam's life and somewhere along the way they 'accidentally' opened hell's gate. So now the world is roaming with all sorts of sinister souls. In tonight's episode they encountered 7 freed demon who supposedly represented the 7 deadly sins. This is such a coincidence because just last Thursday I watched a Morgan Freeman + Brad Pitt movie, se7en, also about the 7 evil vices.

So folks... start securing your perimeter with salt and don't forget to load your gun with silver bullets. Because maybe there's an escaped demon roaming outside your house right now *cue for lightning and thunder bolt effect* (LMAO)

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