Friday, August 07, 2009

G.I Joe and Double Choc Sundae

Again, I would like to point out firsthand that sometimes I may not be objectively observant when it comes to movies. So while I won't be commenting on CGI-effects and how the movie is full of explosions and heart-thumping scenes from the get-go (I'm sure my friend, Ain will step up to the plate), I will do comment on some random facts about the movie.

Firstly, the movie is like a reunion for both "Stop-Loss" and "The Mummy" casts. Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt who both played Duke and Rex/evil scientist Doc respectively were once in a movie called "Stop-Loss". About American soldiers serving in the Iraq war. Even in G.I Joe they played as soldiers. Then there's also Brendan Fraser (OMG! OMG! OMG! I didn't know he'd be in this movie!!) and Arnold Vosloo from the Mummy movie franchise. Though I am disappointed that he was only on screen for less than 5 minutes. Brendan Fraser is one of my fav actors of all time. I watched him in Bedazzled, The Mummy movies, Journey To The Centre of The Earth and even Inkheart (I love Inkheart).

Secondly, for every action-packed-male-dominated movie there has to be at least one female character whose sole purpose is to attract the opposite gender's attention by wearing skimpy uniforms and looking good while chasing after the bad guys. Well, there's 2 in this movie. And I've to say, next to Megan Fox in Transformers, the Baroness kicked ass big time. Although I would've prefered if her character stayed bad instead of becoming good at the almost end part of the movie. Movie-wise, like I mentioned earlier in my previous entry, I'm not one who's big on action movies. Maybe because there's too much going on with the explosions, and car crashings and gun/missile shootings. Haha. But for what it's worth, I like watching the fighting scenes between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes.

What was the sundae for you asked? Well, accompanying me yesterday to watch the movie was one of my oldest and closest friend. Anyway, she wanted to watch "Love Aaj Kal". Yes, a Hindi movie. I refused. She begged. I said no. She said I was being prejudice. I had to beg her not to do this to me (watching the movie, I mean) but she said I'm being mean because she's flying off to Ireland next week and here I am not granting her one request. (Keji la Yaz guna cara tu... =p ) So extreme measures had to be taken. In the form of bribing her with a double choc sundae.

For the sake of 2 hours with Channing Tatum in a dark was worth every penny. LOL!

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