Wednesday, December 23, 2009

She calls it "Supercalifragisexy".

I should be sleeping but I'm too excited that I can't seem to calm and rest myself.

Tomorrow I'm going for some retail therapy session with my sister (very much needed after the one planned with Amal & Ain had to be postponed). Probably we'll catch "Alvin & The Chipmunks 2" first. My sister insisted on it.

Yes, it's just another typical girl's day out with my sister. But the reason I'm really excited is because I'm finally getting the Chanel Classic Flap inspired handbag I've been eyeing for months. I saw a similar one in Dorothy Perkins last month but I saw another one that looks almost the same as the authentic version in Miss Selfridge last Saturday. And it's within my budgeted price range. That's always awesome.

Awesome has become my frequently used word this month. I wonder why...

This bag has been getting all the buzz on the internet. At first I wasn't that into it but after seeing a certain favourite style icon of mine with the bag, I was converted.

A confession : During my semester break last August I got hooked on The Hills on MTV. I know, I know...It's not the most intellectual show available on cable TV but there was nothing else better to watch at that time. And I was really curious with the whole 'Speidi' rage thing. From that show I've concluded 2 things. 1. Spencer is a jack@$$. 2. I kind of like Lauren Conrad. She's sweet and I started to take a liking towards her sense of style. It's too bad she left the reality show after the 5th season. Somehow LC made The Hills almost endurable.

So anyway, Lauren was spotted a number of times with the Chanel bag. And that got me all hyped up. Haha.

Always the perfect accessory is the handbag

Casual black

The store has the handbag in 3 colours : cream, red and black. I'm not sure what colour to get. Oh well, we'll see how it goes.

I'm also planning to get a long, knee length cardigan. Something I had in mind for quite some time now. Saw one in MNG that was 50% off. A really good bargain ain't it? I know I don't have to height or *coughs* slender *coughs* figure to pull the look but I could always try. It could even be the perfect motivation for me to lose weight. I'm a girl. And like every other girl, the new year's resolution does include losing weight. Ain's even inviting me to be her gym partner next year. It could be a good idea for me. ;)

Next up : An entry about my other style icon, Serena van Der Woodsen. Before this I've never really bothered myself with people and their fashion styles but after consuming a dose of Blake Lively in Gossip Girl I've become a fashion addict ;D

5 Comment(s):

cekkeya said...

izzy, yan pun ske serena. ahhaha tgh addicted balik dgn gossip girl. ingat tak pendrive yg terjumpa kat lab, lepas tuh ada byk citer dalam pendrive tuh? copy letak dalam D kat lab. hahahaha

Her.Jaded.Playlist said...

Haha...cuti2 ni la nk tgk balik segala cerita yang ade kat rumah.
Ape jd eh dgn pendrive tu??
Nnt jgn lupa dwnload season 3 org amik dr yan ;p

Ad Astra Per Aspera said...


You bought the chanel bag?! :D :D :D AWESOME SIAL!

Her.Jaded.Playlist said...

It's inspired. Not authentic. Mati la i x makan 3 tahun kalau beli yg ori. ;p Dia ade 3 : authentic (which is ori), replica (which is ciplak of the ori with the ciplak label and all) and inspired which looks similar cuma dorg tak letak the label. nnt i post the picture. Got one in black. I'm soo in love with that bag now. LOL!

12doctors said...

Uiks. I tak reti bende-bende ni la. I setakat tengok je from far for now. Nnt da ade duit tahun-tahun-tahun... tahun tahun tahun depan, I baru ble masuk dan pegang and actually pay for one, homg XD

- Amal gune account group i, hehe