Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Time is definitely GOLD

I'm experiencing it again.

Symptoms include :

  • Heart beating abnormally faster and difficulty in breathing.
  • Overwhelming sense of euphoric, almost as if I'm high.
  • Mind running amok like a screw is loose somewhere as I figure out ways to get my hands on the object of desire. Which, if I'm really determined to have, then no tanks of army can stop me. (Heh, exaggerate much?)
People, my Becky Bloomwood Syndrome is back. This time it's tick-tock I'm craving for.

I like watches, but I don't really collect them. Not the kind who could afford to buy tons of em' just so I could have a different timepiece to wear each day. But I do have a personal favourite choice when it comes to buying watches. Two, actually. Cartier and Fossil Inc.

I like Fossil because the designs are amazing. Very vintage-like, with an edge. Tailored and custom-made for us yuppie generation. Young, urban, professional. ;p

Of course, that was before I saw the La Mer collection. E! was doing a feature about things to get for Christmas gifts and La Mer watches were included. Not that I celebrate Christmas or anything but I do like watching shiny and sparkly stuff. Haha.

Now I've a new thing to include in my must-have list. And they're kind of affordable too. Average price is $120, around MYR 380++ *Me jumping up and down in joy*. The downside : La Mer is not available in Malaysia. The stores are only in the US, Dubai, Korea and Japan. There's always online purchase but the shipping cost is pricey. =(

It's okay though, I'll figure something out. In the mean time, feast your eyes because these babies are so darn yummy. Even better than triple chocolate ice cream.

Glamour yet edgy. Not too girly, just the way I like it ;)

Definitely rock chic

Subtly elegant

Usually to counter myself with the syndrome, I chant wholeheartedly "Ni kemahuan, bukan keperluan". Does it always work? Yes, if there's someone to knock some sense in me. I did mention I have low self-restrain and I don't trust myself when I'm alone. Not with $_$, I don't.

*Pictures and details are courtesy of At the website you can even customize your own watch to your preference. Lots of straps, charms and diamonds to choose from. They'll then deliver/ship the package to your address.*

4 Comment(s):

Loving life. said...

lol.. i saw that on E! too.. awesome watch. =)

Anonymous said...


I cant say i know the brand names sangat. all i know is that some are super expensive, and some are expensive.. hahaha.. :D :D

you sekarang guna jam apa?? and nanti kawin mintak a dalam hantaran for the expensive ones :P :P

Her.Jaded.Playlist said...

LOL sarah! Nice to see you here. Yg super expensive tu ade diamonds brape k ntak i x igt. But the one i wanted tu around 300++ je (w/o shipping cost). Skrg tgh guna fossil la. Have been wearing for a few years now.

And kahwin nnt nk mintak jam Cartier bleh tak? I've always been in love with them dr kecik since i saw my pareants'. =D

Anonymous said...

hrm.. sorry la.. not from me. haha. .mintak your hubby as hantaran yer :P :P