Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"I'd send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address."

Can I have at least 6 months of hiatus from EVERYTHING to catch up on my reading list please?

Yeah, like that will happen.

Forgive me dear mind, for it has been a while since I last indulged you with a good, enriching book.

How I missed those days where I could finish up a book in one day. That was achieved by locking myself up in my room and only going down to the kitchen for a chocolate bar before again isolating myself from the world.

This past year (now that 2010 is nearing to an end), study and work took up all 7 days of my week that I hardly have any time left to do leisure reading. And even when I do find the time to do a quick reading (dapat habiskan satu chapter pun jadilah...) the reasonable side of me would always think, "Bukan patut study and baca all those boring revision books dulu ke?".

Darn it.

But even my conscience can't stop me from buying more books and along the way I find myself building a large collection of unread-but-I-swear-I'm-gonna-read-them-the-minute-I-have-the-time-books

A new addition to the family :

Yes, the box set has finally arrived after months of pestering my former manager to order it for me. Back when I was working with Borders, the month that the 3rd book was finally released I got tons of customers asking me about it. The funny thing was, this trilogy set is actually categorized under "Young Adult" but the people who were inquiring about it were mostly adults. Bila dah jadi macam tu, wajib la google and see what the craze is all about kan?

From what I read, the critics love the trilogy. It's Stephen King approved and Stephenie Meyer also raves about it. (Okay, I know you're not a fan of her Ain but I love her work. I just hate the movie).

MPH also sells the box set retailing at RM74.90 but the books aren't hardcover bounded. Unlike mine. So you can imagine how gleeful I am now right now. Heheh...

I'm also putting some of these items in my book list. Maybe after I'm done with Hunger Games.

I am among the thousands of die hard fans of Sophie Kinsella. I now only have to wait (patiently) for the small, paperback version to be released (nanti tak lawa kalau susun dalam almari if I get the currently large size). Her books always have me in fits of laughter. Plus they're mostly easy reads.

The first book has been adapted into a TV series. In case you don't know, I'm a sucker for grand, epic and historical tales. Think King Arthur, Alexander and the likes of LOTR. Although I gave up on Frodo and his merry men after they gave me a throbbing pain in the head. I'm sticking to the movie version for now. I do hope Follett's books are not as difficult to understand as Tolkien's.

As for now, my consicence says I should not even sneak a peek at the box set because I still have not taken my final exams due to the chicken pox episode. So selagi tak sit for both papers that I was exempted from, I should only read my thick, boring but very informative revision books.

Crap. This is going to be a challenge.

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Anonymous said...

sophie kinsella's book ni memang lambat sangat nak jadi paperback yang decent size!! been waiting for aaages - partly because of price and partly because tak lawa la kalau besar and lain, kan :P


cant wait to read it though!!

i miss reading, too!!! too much of other things, mainly benda benda kecik that takes up too much time than necessary :|