Friday, December 03, 2010

If it's love

Overqualified and underpaid.

But I loved every minute of it nonetheless.

They say if you love what you do, it does not feel like work.

As of today, at 4-something in the afternoon, after 11 months of self-discovery, patience-testing and fun-sharing-moments-with-awesome-friends-that-I'll-never-trade-anything-with, I bid my "playground" goodbye.

But before that....

To you, for always being there for me with chocolates and hugs. For tolerating me and my ngada2 punye kerenah with always a cheerful smile. For debik-ing some sense in me when I needed to be debik-ed. Most of all, for listening. For giving a damn. Thank you. And I apologize (again) for the one time I was disrespectful towards you. I am not proud of it.

To you, who at times can really make me shake my head and laugh just at the sight of you and your gelabah landak poyoness. I'll always remember your pearl of wisdom, "Belum malam sudah bermimpi".

To you, who despite of what everybody said, were kind enough to me and were always looking out for my best interest.

To you, for your selamba-ness and making things a breeze for me and my work. Hands down you are definitely one cool superior with your plaid pants, tattoo and a scrunchie on your head.

To you, for being a kind big brother to your mui chai. The kindest and most optimistic guy I've ever met in my entire life.

To you, for being my guru slash trainer. For teaching me all that I needed to know and more. For entrusting me with responsibilities.

To you, for being my cashier mentor and one of my first friends there. Sorry I'm not a huge Manga fan. May life always treat you well.

To you, for being the one old-soul dude I can always bully. They might call you a nerd, but just so you know, nerds are totally in this year. ;p

To you, for being a nice kakak to me. For not thinking of me badly even when you could have. Instead you guided me and helped me in times of need when I've no one to ask for help.

To you, the one with "Trouble Is A Friend". For giving me something to look forward to at work everyday. I love it when you smile and I like it when you wear those brown khakis.

Also not forgetting to you, the one uncle who was one of the first few people who was nice to me.

So....untuk kamu-kamu semua di atas tu, thank you for making me love even more what I do.

I am truly blessed beyond measure.

3 Comment(s):

Anonymous said...

big goodbye it seems. a once-in-a-lifetime experience. i pray for ur happiness ;)

Her.Jaded.Playlist said...

Once in a life time indeed. Thanks fida.

aalyaa said...

iz..ko da x kt borderske??