Saturday, December 25, 2010

They paved paradise and put up a parkin' lot

Some things in life have a way of transporting you right back to your past just when you're ready to dive head first to a new future.

This past week the whole family has been busy packing stuff as we have to move out of our house in Subang tomorrow. So after tomorrow, Jln USJ 9/3K will be a past, Jln Kediaman 1 is currently the present and Jln Seksyen 4/10c shall soon be the future. After all the renovation work is done, that is.

I went through the motion of putting all my stuff in boxes but somehow my mind still can't process and digest everything that was happening around me.

How weird is it that I only have 1 large box of clothes but 4 equally large boxes of books? I know I love books but I didn't count on having them more than clothes.

Wait, does that me I'm a geek? Should I be freaking out? think what that means is I'm the beauty with brains.

Care to join me laugh out loud?

Anyway, remember what I said about things from past and diving head first into a new future earlier?

An old Pocahontas story book takes me back to the time when we were in Brunei and Times Bookstore just opened their first outlet there.

A Backstreet Boys cassette brought back memories of the time when I had my friends over at my house because we had this Add Maths project due. I think it was a Kerja Kursus about 'Jambatan Besi'. Can't really remember the details but I do remember my friends Claudia and Ain needed a break from the PC and right at that moment a track by BSB played on my hi-fi. 'If I Don't Have You'. And I remembered Claudia giving us a weird and horrified look as I sang to Nick and Ain sang to A.J.

A box of The O.C stuff (posters, VCDs, novels, a file with Ryan's pic on the front) made me smile as I think back to those days when I was crazily into Ryan Atwood. In that box was also an Aidilfitri card by Amal but she addressed it to Ryan Atwood. I slept, breathed and practically drank The O.C.

A green, hard bound thesis reminded me of all kinds of hurdles I went through for my Bachelor's final year project and when I thought I would never make it to the other side, my scroll proved me otherwise.

Then I came across my empty bottle of Wild Cherries EDT. And another set of emotions overwhelmed me. Somehow that specific scent will always remind me of my workplace because I wore it everyday to work. Only to work and nowhere else though I don't exactly know the reason behind that. Wait...okay, I think I remembered why now...

My point is, just when I think I'm ready for this big change that is soon to be happen, my past is clinging onto me and holding me back. All things about me, all the things (good and bad) that happened to me and all the things that somehow played a part (though small) in making me the person that I am today, all are in that awesome place I called home.

It's a good thing I get to pack all little bits of my "past" and bring them with me to this new "future" home.

I think for me, moving on is going to be harder than moving out.

Tsk tsk...Such a drama queen, I am.


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Farihna said...

Aww.. hugs babe.. patutlah x jawab sms.. bz giler rupanya.
Have to say I love this post that you wrote... very nicely written and very heartfelt.. i definitely felt it... hang in there

A-Sha Pinkiex said...

Your past will never leave your life, it's always there to guide you to do better in your future (path). Regardless, I'll definitely wait for an invitation for a housewarming or some sort :) xoxo

USJ will be missing u darl.

Oh, P/s: Maybe you'd want to be more subtle on your address. Who knws what kind of stalker you have behind your back... Dun3x.

Her.Jaded.Playlist said...

Aww...that means so much to me. Thanks Farihna. And sorry for the late text-reply.

And Amal, I doubt ade housewarming but ape2 pun besties wajib la dtg. At least there'll be a roomwarming. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

omg.. you might want to delete this post.. lol.. ain listening to bsb, this one is blackmail worthy :P hehe..

the past is a great thing, after a long enough time, you will look back and see how much that has influenced you and made you the person you are now :D it's amazing, really!!! :D

and yes, room warming.. sounds dodgy but fun :P hehehe.. we can do a house-crawl, somewhat.. your house then my house and so on :D hehe..